What are Your Happy Colors?


Big Beautiful Happy COLORS!


I remember an old hair product jingle from when I was a kid that sang  ‘Bryl-cream, a little dab’ll do ya”

Forget the dab. How about a splash?

A great big splash of BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL COLOR!

A splash of color will more than do ya.

Color surrounds us.  It is the first thing our eyes see when we look.

Blue skies, green grass, red roses, golden sand, gray skyscrapers, whatever landscape surrounds you, it is full of color.

Even going beyond our immediate vision, our vocabulary and how we speak is descriptive  with hues and shades.

We are “tickled pink” or we are “feeling blue“, and when we are down right sick, we become “green around the gills“.

Every swashbuckling knave knows that being called a “yellow-belly” is a “black-eye” to your reputation, and could make you so angry that you “see red

If after reading this post, you are still undecided about how color effects you, you will find yourself in a the”gray-zone” of opinion.

Oh the sheer glory of color all around us!

The very existence of color brightens up the darkest corners of our world, and it can brighten up you in your dark corners of your world too.
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Chet’s Five Crazy Easy Happy Tips


  Chet Day, fabulous aging boomer and all-around-handy-health tip guy,  drops me a note every now and again, with some simple handy hints.

This week was a quickie but a goodie on simple way to keep the happiness momentum from getting stuck in a rut.

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