Hope for More than Just Surviving

“Just surviving” is a real place.
If you are finding yourself in that place where you are “trying to survive”, take heart, its ok.

If all you can do is get both feet out of the bed and onto the floor; you are already there.

You already are a survivor.

Sometimes, surviving is a breath at a time, and that, my friend, is ok,  too.

You qualify. You are a survivor.
Moment by moment, you are doing it.

You are surviving and that, in itself, is victory.

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Answered Prayer for You~2 Peter 2:10~



Brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure:
for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.”

What a glorious and humbling promise, my Father.
For if I can be diligent, I have your word that I will never fall.

Never fall.Oh Lord, how much I desire to never fall

Never again to fall into doubt, fear or failure.

Never again to wrestle with the snares that so easily entangle.

Never again to walk out of your perfected plan for me.

Lord, I ask for your strength to be diligent.
I so desire to be attentive and persistent, Lord, by your Holy Spirit fan the flame into a roaring fire.

Lord by faith, your word tells me that I already have all that I need for life and godliness.
Lord, thank you for allowing me to be continually transformed into the image of Christ.
Full of purpose, full of passion for your kingdom.

Lord, may my bloggy brethren also continue to be diligent to be sure in their calling.

May they be solid in their walk; unwavered in their faith.

Lord may the desire to seek you, overtake and consume them today.

May they forget the things that is past, and today, this very moment,
with all that is in their hands, press forth into you.

Surround them with your presence and may they experience You to the fullness in ways they never knew before this day.

Father, with you and in you we do not fall.

What a wonderful God you are. How we love to love you.

In Jesus Name
Amen~ So Be It

Resolutions and Condemnations


New Years resolutions, what do I say.. I am queen. 

The eve of a new decade finds me in the place I promised myself I would not be last year at this time.
I am one size larger and I am more in debt than I was last year.
The exact opposite of where I wanted to be.

I realize again what I have always known; that what I want to achieve I can not achieve on my own wits  or in my own strength.

Most times when I look at myself with my own eyes, I see a life riddled with more failure than short lived victories.

Self Condemnation arrives  quickly to me.
It knows the road very well and I usually leave the gate flung open wide.

I know if I leave it open too long, not only will it move right in, but it will take me out the other side with it, down into a path of depression and despair.

This was a bloody cycle in my life for a long time.

Condemnation and depression.
Discouragement and blackness.

But now I have powerful tools in my hands.

The keys in “May I BLESS You”

They are keys I can use in any situation in my life.
With anything or anyone I am dealing with.

Tonight I turn them loose on myself.

Key 1~ remember Jo, who are you really and what do you have laying dormant at your finger tips.

Key 2~ remember Jo, whose are you, and how immovable that truly makes you.

Key 3, Key 4~ remember Jo, this is how we release all that is life into the darkness that creeps around.

Key 5.~ Beautiful key 5, when it is very much worth every sweat and tear….

So will there be anymore New Years resolutions for me?

Just one this year.
An urgency has risen up in my heart heart  to work thru the May I BLESS You book.

So, just like many of you.
I am side by side with you.
I am working it, as it is written page by page, step, by step.

It is not something that is to be done once than forgotten.
These are priciples that can waken a slumbering spirit to higher and deeper dimensions.

Its time to pull myself together and get focused where I should be.
Holiday time can stretch you, and leave you empty and worn.

Things can distract me so easily.

But tonight, I let myself off my own hook.
Condemnation, you are not allowed anymore

I am feel the freedom and peace even as I write.

BLESS does that.
I am free of condemation.
I remember who God is and what He has promised me.
It is mine.
I engage with His love for me, I take the time, I learn the tools and I work the tools.

And I choose to invite you on my journey, every day as I share with you how I use BLESS in practical real ways, in my very real, perhaps boring, sometimes darken and vaulnerable world.

None of us want to stay the same as we are. Even in the little things.

We all dream of more, and being more.

Its time to go on… New Decade, new places….
Join me?



The Secret is in the Choice


Can I share a verse that runs thru my mind several daily?

It’s a verse that has absolutely challenged and changed everything I do.

“Today, I lay before you life and death; choose life”.
Deuteronomy 30:19

Now whether you’re a bible reader or not, you have to admit there are some really big thoughts in there.

And yes… I’ve been thinking….
I think its time to dust off those thoughts of mine, share them with you, and where we’re going with this all.

Please keep reading, it may be the one thing that changes everything.

There is one consistent inconsistency I notice time and time again when I council with folks
The “maker or breaker”, so to speak.

That pivotal factor that decides whether they will succeed in reaching their goals or not.

The secret is in that verse.

It’s learning to control that chooser inside.
Not an easy task some days.

I know mine runs a million miles an hour in every direction, and none of them are the direction I want to go.

Call it the nature of the beast, if you like.
Lets ponder four wee words that make this verse so huge, shall we?


Are you getting this? This is really big stuff. We choose.

And what we choose determines what grows; life or death.
I am absolutely certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is not neutral ground in choosing. No gray. Nothing of null- effect.

Our choices, however little will take us in one of two directions.
You cannot stand still on an escalator.
You are either going up or down.
And we are the ones determining our direction with each choice, no matter how small.

Did you make a choice to put the extra cinnamon bun back on the shelf?
Maybe you chose to sit and read a book to your little boy when you’d rather be doing something else.
Maybe you chose to not let yourself get angry with that guy who cut you off in traffic.

This is all life, folks. This all grows great big wonderful life inside of you.
And step-by-step, little-by-little, life choice by life choice,  we are changed.

We make a gazillion choices every day And you HAVE made some good ones.

Don’t know what they are? Take a quiet moment and ask yourself;  ask God and listen.

Most likely they will be choices that were hard to make. That’s why they’re choices.

Maybe its the New Year, new Decade, sneaking up on me.
I am the first to admit that milestones make me terribly reflective.

I wrestled with my choices, and the responsibility of my choices when I turned 40.
Just to see little difference.

But, this word is solid and this word is true.
Our destinies and our purpose is found in the minute by minute choices.

“May I BLESS you” takes me thru those choices.
It trains me to make the right choices, the life choices.

I am so thankful for the keys in this book.
They really can and do catapult you into a new place.

But you have to choose them. You need to read it, and you need to choose it.

The keys in “May I BLESS You” are real and vital.
But you need to practice them every moment, with every thought and with every choice.

This Christmas season has left me flat and floundering.

I choose to get back into my keys, and to take you with me.

Keep following because I am starting a new series where you and I walk the keys, every day, and you can see how they really work.

Guaranteed to Succeed

I have never taken on a mammoth like this.  Certainly not in such a short time, and to be venturing forth with no clear direction.  Not alot of a plan.  Not completely certain on the strategy.

I’ve told God several times that this is His book, so He better make sure it gets done well.
I’m really counting on Him  🙂

Most times when I sit down I am not sure what I am going to write.  Alot of times I get up frustrated and stomp around.  I pull myself back together, pray and sit back down.

Words usually come as I write.

God really doesn’t seem to like to giving alot of notice. Must be that whole faith thing He’s into.
Not necessarily a great ride if you are compulsively organized and not bendable.

I keep  a page of scriptures and confessions close to my computer to remind me that He has promised success in the end.  I read them alot.  Because I really have no idea what this will all look like in a few more days from now!


* The Lord is with me and the Lord makes all that I do to prosper in my hand    Gen 39:2-4

* The Greatest one is in me 1 Jn 4:4

*In all my ways I acknowledge Him and He directs my path

*He teaches me to profit and leads me by the way I should go Is 48:17

* He sent a comforter to teach me all things  and to guide me into all truth and to show me things to come John 14:26, 13


* I hear a voice behind me saying ‘this is the way walk in it’ Is 30:21

* the answer of my tongue comes from God Pr16:1

* the spirit of truth abides in me  1Jn 3:24

*whatever I do prospers Ps 1:3

*no weapon formed against me prospers