Trossachs Gospel Camp

Quietly tucked away in the bush of a old pasture in Saskatchewan, Canada is a treasure of unspeakable riches.
Trossachs Gospel Camp has been the hands, feet, heart and mouth of God to all who come for almost 100 years.

Ministering in the old camp meeting style, Trossachs takes you into the very throne room of God where lives have been touched forever.
Those who have been there, know. They met with God and they are changed.

It was in one of these humble cabins, several years ago, where the seed of May I BLESS You was planted.

Trossachs reaches youth, children, seniors and families of all backgrounds.
Run by the loving hands of volunteers, Trossachs Camp has been a staple in my family’s spiritual diet for years.  It is our delight to support them and all they do.

Read our  family’s story of how Trossach’s Camp stole our heart here.

camp sign

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  1. Trossachs Gospel Camp meeting has been a staple in our family/clan for a lot of those almost 100 years, since the 1930’s I would think. I was saved in the old childrens chapel there, and felt God’s work in me for many years at the alter services in the tabernacle. May there be many more years of blessing of lives in this 1/4 section of heaven. I was most pleased to see this site from 1/2 way around the world today! WoW. (I am in Ukraine today)

    • Paul, your family has been a staple at Trossachs camp!!
      There is a very supernatural draw there.
      Once you go… thats it.. its in your heart.

      My fam has been attending 20 years, give or take (a ways still to the hunderd mark), my kiddos are now all big and busy, but every summer, they still insist we go.

      I’m not about to break the tradition!

  2. My children went to your camp last year and absolutely loved it. I was wondering where I could find some redistration forms. Tyler and Alyssa are 10 years old and Jesse is 12. Would you be able to send me some forms? Or how do I go about registering them for camp again? My name is Anita Douglas.

    • Hi Anita! So glad your kids had a fabulous time! My kiddos have gone every year~ their all grown up now~ but they still talk about how much camp impacted them and their best memories are camp memories! It makes you feel so good as a mama knowing you gave them an opportunity to experiance Jesus in such a profound way!

      I just popped over to the camp website and it does appear to be down for the moment.
      But a note on the Trossach Facebook page does mention that it will be back up again shortly!

      My advice would just to keep checking back in a day or two, or if you are on FB you can keep in touch there!

      Oh… and if you are on Facebook, Anita, make sure you pop over to May I BLES You page and say “Hi” while your at it!!


  3. Arlo A. Johnson: I grew up at Trossachs Gospel Camp, and I would like to receive information about the Camp schedule for 2012 and 2013. My e-mail address is

    • Hi Arlo, I just popped over to the new camp website and it looks like it is up and running again.

      They switched from .ca to .com so if you follow this link you should be ok.
      Have fun! We’ll be there again this year! Hope to see ya


  4. Hi Folks
    I understand it is a wonderful camp tha you have and I am thrilled by the fact that you carry on the lords work. My dear wife sent you a donation for your camp which we are glad to do, but, it would have been nice if you would have acknowledged it jus with a Thank You instead of just seeing that the cheque was cashed.
    Thank You for your time.
    God Bless You.
    Lyle Hannan
    Cranbrook BC

    • hello Lyle!

      I did try to respond to this comment privately but the email kept bouncing back.
      I’m not sure if the email address is no longer current or what the situation is.

      I’m afraid there may be a bit of confusion regarding this blog’s relationship to the camp.

      We love camp, it has been an wonderful place in our lives to seek and hear God as a family, and we financially support camp (as you do).

      But we do not have any connections with the camp administration.

      I know the camp website was in limbo for a while , so we took had a lot of comments regarding registrations and so forth last spring.

      But I’m pretty sure they are up an running and looking good now.

      Comments and thoughts specifiacally for Trossachs Gospel camp can be sent trought the comment tab on the web page at



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