Hopeful Hoping

Is there Hope?

hope iconWow! What a raw question.
It  resounds from the very core of all of us.

Whether it has ever tumbled from our lips or not, we have all uttered that question at some (or many) moment  in our lives.

Is there a Hope?

While “Happy” is a “now” feeling.
Hope  appears more abstract.

Perhaps less tangible,  not as easy to describe;
something we look for on the horizon.
Something in our future.

When we say “we hope” our thoughts are not for our now… we are desiring for something to come.

It is almost fluid.

The result may be about some future time.

But hoping happens in our present.

We grab for it now.

And we  know HOPE when we have it in our grasp.

When it’s ours, it engulfs us.
Maybe not immediately, some times it comes as a fragile seed;
Needing our tender nurturing to grow.

But some times it comes in like a flood and swells until it cannot be contained.

Hope can withstand the fierce storm or it can be dashed in an instant.

We are trying to find HAPPINESS

We are trying to find HOPE



They seem so similar.  But are they?
Does each need the other?

Can you have hope and not be happy?

Can you be happy but without a hope?

Personally, I’ve never known anyone to be happy that is clinging to their last hope.

But we intertwine one with the other….
Ever put on your  “happy face” when things seemed “hopeless” ?

We Want Hope and We can Have Hope

That is what the Hope Category is for on this Blog.

Every whisper, every glimmer, every thread of hope now has a cyber-home.

We are going to plant every  seed of hope we find,
water it, love it and watch it grow.

I hope you stay and share with me on this blog.

I hope you hang on.

Even if you feel you have lost hope and have no hope.
It can be here in these pages and posts for you.

Hold on.

Hope is Coming.

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