Oh So Happy



We want it.
We want to feel it, taste it, smell it,  savor it!  MMMMmmmm….. ah.. yummy

But where do we find HAPPINESS?

We want to have a happy life.
We want inner happiness.

Is there a key to Happiness?
Maybe a secret?

Certainly it must be lost for everyone is trying to find happiness!

We cherish memories of what it once was like.
We dream of it finding its way back into our crazy realities.

Would we even recognize it, if it did?

And if it does, we hold it tightly fearing it will only slip through our fingers.


It is an instant high.  Almost primal. The craving for a moment of it can become all consuming.

“I Just Want To BE HAPPY!”

Elusive to many, yet simple to some.


Is the first Category in this blog.

Happy is  our quest.

Grab your gear!
We are going Happy HUNTING!

We are going to look for it  and FIND HAPPINESS, everywhere and anywhere we can.

We are going to turn over every rock, peek in every nook and cranny and find its secret hiding spots.

We are going to FLUSH IT OUT and CATCH HAPPINESS for ourselves!

Then we are going to post it here and Share HAPPINESS with ever other desperate happy-seeker we know

Happiness is  Closer Than We Think!

I bet my life on it!

Read. Enjoy.

Jo wants to know?
Tell me… What makes you happy?
Share your happy thoughts on our Happy Blog.

Book mark it.
Subscribe to this blog and Come back…

That… would make ME VERY HAPPY!

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