Guaranteed to Succeed

I have never taken on a mammoth like this.  Certainly not in such a short time, and to be venturing forth with no clear direction.  Not alot of a plan.  Not completely certain on the strategy.

I’ve told God several times that this is His book, so He better make sure it gets done well.
I’m really counting on Him  🙂

Most times when I sit down I am not sure what I am going to write.  Alot of times I get up frustrated and stomp around.  I pull myself back together, pray and sit back down.

Words usually come as I write.

God really doesn’t seem to like to giving alot of notice. Must be that whole faith thing He’s into.
Not necessarily a great ride if you are compulsively organized and not bendable.

I keep  a page of scriptures and confessions close to my computer to remind me that He has promised success in the end.  I read them alot.  Because I really have no idea what this will all look like in a few more days from now!


* The Lord is with me and the Lord makes all that I do to prosper in my hand    Gen 39:2-4

* The Greatest one is in me 1 Jn 4:4

*In all my ways I acknowledge Him and He directs my path

*He teaches me to profit and leads me by the way I should go Is 48:17

* He sent a comforter to teach me all things  and to guide me into all truth and to show me things to come John 14:26, 13


* I hear a voice behind me saying ‘this is the way walk in it’ Is 30:21

* the answer of my tongue comes from God Pr16:1

* the spirit of truth abides in me  1Jn 3:24

*whatever I do prospers Ps 1:3

*no weapon formed against me prospers