What are Your Happy Colors?


Big Beautiful Happy COLORS!


I remember an old hair product jingle from when I was a kid that sang  ‘Bryl-cream, a little dab’ll do ya”

Forget the dab. How about a splash?

A great big splash of BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL COLOR!

A splash of color will more than do ya.

Color surrounds us.  It is the first thing our eyes see when we look.

Blue skies, green grass, red roses, golden sand, gray skyscrapers, whatever landscape surrounds you, it is full of color.

Even going beyond our immediate vision, our vocabulary and how we speak is descriptive  with hues and shades.

We are “tickled pink” or we are “feeling blue“, and when we are down right sick, we become “green around the gills“.

Every swashbuckling knave knows that being called a “yellow-belly” is a “black-eye” to your reputation, and could make you so angry that you “see red

If after reading this post, you are still undecided about how color effects you, you will find yourself in a the”gray-zone” of opinion.

Oh the sheer glory of color all around us!

The very existence of color brightens up the darkest corners of our world, and it can brighten up you in your dark corners of your world too.

Got Color on Your Mind

In 1666, when Isaac Newton past light through a prism, he discovered it separates into all of the visible colors.

 This is what we see when we look at a rainbow.

Mr Newton also noticed that each of these stunning colors is made up of a single wavelength.

It seems that those longer wave lengths~ “warm colors” such as red, orange and yellow~ are more stimulating, while the “cool colors” ~ such a blue, purple and greens have shorter wave lengths and a sedative effect.

The study of color on the psyche is becoming more accepted today, although several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy (light therapy) and colorology (using color to heal) for generations.

Colorful Interpretations

Still there are as many shades of people personalities as there are shades of blues, and the effects of color on an individual can be somewhat subjective.

Even our culture and background will influence how we respond to color.

For example, in North American society white has symbolized purity, innocence and cleanliness, but  in some eastern countries, it symbolizes grief and mourning.

Wearing white at their wedding would not be a happy occasion!

For a lickety-split-crash colorology course, our typical responses to colors are as follows~

* Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness.
Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the color spectrum.
Horray for HAPPY YELLOW!
It is known to stimulates mental process, activate the nervous system and memory and encourages communication

* Green is the soother, relaxing both mentally and physically.
It is used to alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety.Green is mentioned as offering a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony.
When we think green, we think healthy.

* The color blue, calms and sedates. It is cooling and awakens intuition.
You think big thoughts in a blue room.
Blue is relaxing, giving to a sense of openness and trust.
We tend to trust the salesman in the blue shirt and tie more often.

* Red has more personal associations than any other color.
Recognized as a stimulant, the more red, the more excited things become.
It increases enthusiasm; stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate

Do not paint this color in the baby’s nursery if you ever what that kiddo to sleep!

Red draws attention. Besides demanding action, red is bold with confidence and provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety
On the walls in your home, it stimulates appetite and goes well in your kitchen. (blue is the appetite suppressant.. to answer your next question)
At work, a red office is more invigorating and increases productivity.
But it has been known to case anger and tension in workers.

* Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming. Black represents a lack; the primordial void, emptiness.
It is a classic color for clothing, possibly because it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.
Black will also make one feel inconspicuous providing a sense of invisibility.
Black is mysterious and can evoke a sense of potential and possibility.

(Now is a good time to send a GREAT BIG SHOUT-OUT to the folks at www.sensationalcolor.com for such a brilliant reference on color.
Pop by their site to find out what your favorite colors have been up too)

Coloring My World

Coloring my world did not come easy.
I had to force myself to colorize.
Once-upon-a-time, I was a very black/brown girl
If I was in an exceptionally better mood, maybe some militant green.

Drab and sad…sigh..just like my very unhappy me.

But now, on my pursuit of happiness, I have gotten bolder and brighter.

It wasn’t a choice I was too thrilled about, because when you are unhappy all you really want to do is curl up and hide.
(Hence, explaining why I dressed myself like a dingey shadow)

There were many- a- day where I had to fake-it till I made it.

I would make myself splash on that color… somewhere.

Toenails! Skivvies!
Even if YOU couldn’t see it.
Color was there!

But on the flip side, what I discovered was this~

The more I found my happy ~the less entangled I was inside myself~ the more I reached for those clothes that sparkled.

I wanted to shine, I wanted to glow, I wanted to look on the outside the way I was beginning to feel inside.

Vibrant and Spectacular!

I surrounded myself with color to help my happy, but the happier I felt, the more I would jump into color!

Chasing Your Own Rainbow

Does adding a little color to help your happy sound too simple?
Maybe adding a little color to help your happy sounds too difficult!

Remember… fake it till you make it.

Its more than just positive thinking, this is full-spectrum science.

Color going in through your eyes, will tweak your emotions and your thinker, guaranteed.

Where and What to COLOR

Surrounding yourself with color can come in many different ways and shades.

Think about these ideas~

A walk through a blooming  flower bed.
Not only a garden of color, but combine with exercise and fresh air, and you have a recipe for happy.

I have a fish tank that I love to sit in front of. It soothes me.

What  magic therapy is that fish tank working in my spirit?
Little flashes of color dart and dance in their watery home before my eyes.
My body is sitting still, quiet, unwinding.
My thoughts and the whirlwind in my head subside.
A few stolen minutes and I become happier.

Maybe you’re not quit brave enough to leave the house in lime green and neon pink. Thanks ok…. gals, you can accessorize.

Have you seen all the purses out there!?!
Every color under the sun is now available in either a handbag, earring or shoes!

Get your colors done! Everyone has a stunning combination of colors that ~when worn with your own natural coloring~ will just make your eyes, skin and hair POP!

When you wear these combinations, you will look and feel GAWGEOUS, DAWLING!

Having people stop you on the street and tell you how great that sweater looks on you  is…. definitely a happy moment!
You float away with your head held a little higher.

Sock it to me!
Men…. I just had a gentleman last week, pull up his pant leg and bedazzled me with the most stunning orange socks. (it was Thanksgivings week here in Canada)

He was grinning ear to ear as he did it!

Not ready for orange socks, fellas?
Easy! Just take your  washed- out browns and blues up a notch to a stronger shade.
You can put on color and still scream “”MAN”.
Deep navy blues, royal purples, emerald greens are all very masculine…. doesn’t the thought of a bright red sports car make you smile.

Where else? 
How about cherry red accent walls?  Kaleidoscope designed accent chairs?

What if I Create a Monster?

Not  to confident how to blend and put your colors together? 
Thats understandable.  
When I previewed the draft to this post, I found myself wondering if the  colorful fonts  were “too much” for my viewers eyes.

I wanted you feeling a little light and silly reading this, not rubbing your throbbing head.  (how does it look, by the way?)


I just walked thru a super- uber- trendy clothing store with my teenage daughter the other day, and I could not believe the colors they were displaying on the same mannequin together. (speaking of headaches)
I was wishing I hadn’t left my sun glasses back out in the jeep.

There just seems to be no rules any more and the sky is the limit! 
You can’t screw up!

Color is where it’s at!  Start to use them.

Paint departments in the hardware store are a treasure trove.
Make it an adventure, bring home some swatches and paint cards.

Which colors do you find yourself looking at over and over again?
Do they make your heart feel a little lighter?

 Pick out half a dozen or so colors that you find yourself gravitating too and begin to wrap your world in them.

The more you play with color,~ PLAY being the key word~ the more fun you will have and you might just catch yourself smiling a little happy more and more.

We Need Some More Ideas!
What have you done to add color yourself happy?

Share with us your daring bright and brilliant thoughts below in the comment section!

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