BLESSed to be a Blessing


What fun! What fun!!

Today was random, sporadic  sowing day.

Lunch on Jo! All around!

Love it, love it.

I don’t think the every day ride gets any funner  than this!

I initially set out to buy the tea of the two dear ladies sitting across from
me it my favorite litte get away spot,  Neepawa’s home-grown, organic and nummy claim to fame; the  “Prairie Seasons Bakery”.   bakery pic

However, as I get up to the counter, i find out, ummm  nah, opps,  not just tea… they had lunch.

So what do you think is  the first thing that grips me?
You bet,  fear.

After all, it is FEAR BASHING WEEK!!

The brakes squeal inside me!
CHA-CHING…. I can hear it now…

I see the DOLLAR SIGNS!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Phone Bill’s due, Jo!!

Hydro Bill’s due, Jo!!

Gloria the Wonder Jeep needs to go back to the  Car Doctor, Jo!

But no, I choose.
I’m pressing in and I’m laying hold.
I’m resisting the fear!

Because I know that sweet voice, and that persistent nudging that pokes my
spirit constantly..

I certainly couldn’t back out with logic.
“Ummm, sorry God, I just thought they were having tea…”
God would never buy that excuse.

Nope, blessed to be a blessing…
Thats me.

Thats how God sees it!

And, I am believing God.

BLESS Key One... set in motion.

I start to let the joy rise up in me when I just imagine them, coming up to the
counter, and Grant’s  big ole smiley face on the other side of the till
say….” its all taken care of, ladies”

The joy is bubbling me up now.
Yup, Lord.
Lets do er!!

$26.00 two lunches, my tea, and my son’s fresh made garlic bread to go.
Not so bad. The sting isn’t hurting a bit.

HA!! Take that FEAR~~

I love being a sower.
I love to give.
I love being a blessing.

I deeply believe it is what God placed in all of us, when we became that new creation.

Key 5~ its God’s M.O.
Its how He operates and its how He intends for us to operate.

Nothing can stop the blessings, once one starts to pour out into other
peoples lives.

But this is the COOLEST PART EVA!!!!!

Not even 15 minutes after, leaving the restaurant, I was given 30 cans of soup.
Mushroom, Tomato, and Chicken Noodle….

SOUP!?!  You say, with a snicker…

OK, not my favorite either.

But definitely the kid’s when they are home alone after school,
waiting on working mama,  supper, and that looooong 2 hours in between.

That’s just my God.  Always looking out for what concerns me.  My kiddos!


Its 2 pm, my day is half over, and nothing all week has filled me with such
excitement and expectation.

What’s next in this crazy every day faith walk??

Dunno, but as soon as I do,  you will too!!

Thank You! Once again…

I am humbled and amazed at the grace that surrounds this project.

With absolutely no promotion but only word of mouth, May I BLESS You” has had close to 50 downloads in less than 2 weeks!drop of water

That is almost FIFTY people whose life will be eternally altered,
and who will go out and touch the lives of who knows how many others.

Facebook has almost 30 fans, again, all by word of mouth.

It is truly a privilege.
I say that in all sincerity.

Thank you,

Insert Long Exhale of Relief Here…

I DID IT!enter button

I pressed the ENTER button.

“May I BLESS You” is done.
All the crazy complicated programs are in place, and I actually bought a copy off of myself to make sure it all works 🙂

Now,  I just need to stop wringing my hands, and trembling!

What a roller coaster of emotions!

Being transparent and real before all the world is quite a humbling thing.
Even more so, because I know the first sales are mostly being shipped out to personal contacts and I am going to have to look them in the eye someday in the grocery store!

So (once again)  I remind myself that this is God’s book and He will do what He pleases with it.
I was obedient as best as I knew how.

I continue to pray that everything that hinders “BLESS” from getting into the hands of those who need it, will be removed, hearts are ready, eyes and ears are open and people are equipped and changed.

Now, only one more dilemma to solve….

I need a new category name for the blog! 
“In the Beginning”
is completed!

A- HA!  I know!
How about this…..

I Guess Its a Compliment

 I guess it all means good things…

For all of you on the edge of you seats, abated breath, anxious anticipation for your copy of “May I BLESS You”
the hold up seems to be this…

I am just too wonderful!

Yes, its true.  The book could have been in your hands a week ago except for two things.

1.  Frankly, it is  just to long to upload/download.
NO!!!  Not because I am long winded!  But I wanted to make certain that you had everything you needed, nothing missing, nothing overlooked.
God is never stingy with me and I also wanted only the best for you and for Him.
You work hard for your money and I wanted you to get very penny’s worth! 

Friends, by ebook standards, this is one HUGE BOOK!

But I refused to chop and edit.  There is nothing in here that is not important. So, I have been busy as can be reformatting and mulling over every option to find an effective way to get it online and for you to get it off line.

Well, as of this morning, I can officially say, it is up, tested, tried and true!

2.  Second problem.  I AM JUST TOO GENEROUS!!!!
Absolutely serious!  Hard as I tried, I  could not find a shopping affiliate
that would respect my 100% money back guarantee!

They all thought that it was absurd! Too risky.  Way over the top.
But it was what was dropped in my heart , and I believe that is exactly what He wants you to have.
Nothing is ever too absurd. Too risky. “Or over the top” when God is behind it.

Well, ok, maybe “over the top”…. But a little climb and leap of faith can be a good thing!

I am pleased to announce that, once again, God came to the rescue.
I found a wonderful little vendor site at who are fabulous to work with and let me control the guarantee COMPLETELY!!

Between them and PayPal we are FINALLY days away from being up and at em..

I thank you for your patience and prayer during my adventure. 

Some how, I expected the writing to be the complicated side of this, little did I know!
  But God definitely knew.
He has kept it under control, on “His” schedule, and on budget. 

Somedays I feel like I’m just along for the ride.  😉

Yielded but UnStoppable

 God and I seem to be having a reoccurring conversation.
Honestly, it is more I that converses, and God polietly humors me and listens.

I rant and rave about why so many hold ups, how I am tired of snafu’s,  and doesn’t He remember my GRANDE announcement that the book would be released and in your hands this PAST WEEKEND!  After all, didn’t He think a THANKGIVINGS release date, sound great for PR?!?

Quietly, after the steam from my ears clear, He nicely reminds me that the PR and the Thanksgivings dig is really my ego slipping into overdrive.

God can do His own PR, thank you very much. 
And, God in perfected tact  sweetly reminded me that this was about His book and not my pride.  

Instead this is about Jo leaping out of her comfort zone.  Trusting Him, tuning in my listening to get the directions straight, and learning all sorts of crazy computer talents that I never thought I use in a million years.

Sigh.. yes this is why I love Him.

Only He can graceously reshift stinkin self centered thinking, and leave you feeling like you are on the recieving end of His favor and not His condemnation.  All these delays are for ME! So I can learn one more thing, so I can walk into webmaster world with one more tool in my tool kit. 
All these delays are for YOU!!!  So you can be assured that you will recieve a product designed and crafted by God Himself!
In the past couple days I have already had to redesign, add and edit a few things. 

All in the attitude, my friends. 

Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations.    Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience. But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing.

James 1:3-4

Still bug stomping…

Yes, the blonde girl is learning computer tech by imersion (and against her will!)

All ready to go, up on the web server and wouldn’t ya know it!
More formatting gliches.

Soon… very soon…  it will be in your hands…



Well, God willing, I can’t imagine anymore crazy catastrophes.

So the official date to launch “May I BLESS You” and FINALLY get it into your hands where it belongs is  (insert drum roll here)


dah dum!!!!

Its the start of  Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and exactly one month after my 40th b-day.
Which was the day when the urgency of this book really became impressed on my heart!

Somehow it all seems appropo.

………… if this is the case, I’d better get off the blog and get crack-a-lackin!!
Lots of work  to be done. Wee little time to do……..