Being BLESSed

blessed iconThis category is the part of the blog where we stretch  beyond being  just happy and  hanging on to hope….

It is in these posts and pages that we step of over a line, a line we cannot see.
A line that is not drawn in this world and is drawn with an Invisible Finger.

It is a line that may rattle the logic of our  understanding.
It is a line that can launch us into an wild adventure that could change the very essence of who we are.

It is under the Being BLESSed category of this blog, we step that line into the world of faith.

You can enjoy the Happy and Hope Categories with or without the visiting here.
Those categories will always have wonderful tools for you.
To encourage you. To strengthen you.

As always, I invite you to visit, stay, share and soar with what you find there.

But when you continue on into  the Being  BLESSed category, you will discover ze pièce de résistance! The icing on the cake!  The reason for it all.

It is in these posts and pages that we engage our faith with the source and sustainer of Happiness and Hope;  Jesus Christ.

After all, you can walk through this world with a renewed hope and alot happier (it is my desire that this blog can help you do just that)  but there is something much more potent and purposed than even happiness and hope.

It is the well where the sincerest happiness and hope flow and mingle to become pure peace.

That something is our relationship with God.

It is in these  Being BLESSed articles where we share our walk in the Spirit, and also share our walk through the various keys in the “May I BLESS You” e-book.

It is these five keys in this  studybook;

Believe,  Love,  Encourage,  Serving,  Sowing

that have completely changed how I walk with God, how I live with the people around me, and has brought me to a place where I feel I am free to be used by God.

It is an amazing place to be.

It is a place where I never dreamed I could be and I would love for you to join me.

As well as post about these steps with God, I share more of my what practicing these keys have meant to me in the “What About” description.

2 Responses

  1. Everyday I recognize more and more the gifts that god has given me. I do believe that people have their days and our happiness is going to come and go. But id like to keep mine forever. I hope I can find the strength to truly not let anyone hurt me unless they are someone I love and I would like to accept myself and learn to love myself as much as I do with the whole picture of my life I have been given.

    • Wow, my friend, I’m sitting here reading this and thinking what a precious beautiful heart you have!

      Never stop being thankful, never stop setting your eyes on the gifts that you have. Never stop letting yourself be transparent infront of people.

      God’s heart is to strenghten you in Him and to bless you beyond anything you can imagine! I know that within the deepest part of me!

      You are more than welcome to come and join us over at the May I BLESS You facebook page, we are encouraging each other to keep our eyes on all that we have thankful for. I am finding it trememdously helpful.

      We would love to have you!

      in Him,

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