Chet’s Five Crazy Easy Happy Tips


  Chet Day, fabulous aging boomer and all-around-handy-health tip guy,  drops me a note every now and again, with some simple handy hints.

This week was a quickie but a goodie on simple way to keep the happiness momentum from getting stuck in a rut.

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To Live or Not to Live~ Who’s Choice is it?

I’m going to share something that is becoming deeply ingrained in my me.

It’s a verse that has  challenged and changed everything by changing and challenging the eyes thru which I view everything.

“Today, I lay before you life and death;
choose life”.

Whether you’re a bible reader or not, you have to admit there are some really big thoughts in there.

This is  something that has the power to  change it all for you. Guaranteed .
If you sink your teeth into this juicey morsel, you will taste and see how good the Lord can be.

When I don my other “hat” as  Your Natural Food Coach,
I see one consistent inconsistency  time and time again when  counciling with folks.

It is the “maker or breaker” of whether they will nix their eating demons and rebuild their health.

The secret is in that verse.

It’s all about learning to control that chooser inside.

Not an easy task .

I know that my “chooser” can run a million miles in every direction and, often, none of them are the direction I want to go.

If we ponder the essence that  make this verse  huge we will notice four wee words…


We choose.

Who does?

When do we choose?

And what do we choose?

What we choose is life or death and we are choosing it  NOW.

From there,  it’s easy to understand how  each choice is either life or death.
With each choice we move forwards toward one or the other.

I am convinced, with every fiber of my being, that there is no neutral ground in choosing.

No gray zone.

Nothing of nil- effect.

Our choices, however slight or flippant, will take us in one of two directions.
Towards Life or Towards Death.

You cannot stand still on an escalator.
You  either go up or down.

Up to Life or Down to Death.

And we are the ones determining that direction with each choice regardless of how  it may appear.

No one will make that choice for you.

Your direction on that escalator will forever and always  be  exclusively between you, your great big beautiful heart and that fella inside named “Will”.

Picture each choice  as a seed that will grow.
It  either grows something lush and beautiful that  bears fruit to enjoy, nourish and bring more life.
Or it will grow some nasty weed, solely consumed with its own self- preservation.
A predator that will ravage your garden and consume anything thats stands  in its way to total conquest.

So I  ask you, what  lush and vibrant life-growing choices have you made today?

I know you made some.

But do YOU KNOW you  made some?

We are a people that are so brutally hard on ourselves.
Grading ourself on all our shortcomings, scribbling across our exam page with a great big red F for FAIL!

But, yes, you have made good choices today.

Most likely they were choices that were hard to make.

That’s why they’re choices.

Maybe you chose to put the cinnamon bun back on the shelf.
Maybe you chose to sit and read a book to your little boy while the dishes pile up in the sink.
Maybe you bite your tongue and extended grace to the guy who just cut you off in traffic.

This is all life, folks.

This all grows great big wonderful life inside of you.

And step-by-step little-by-little we are changed.

If you made yourself get to the gym, today when you really didn’t want to.
Spent that time with your Heavenly Father?

Give yourself kudos where you deserve it.
Quit being stingy!

Let out a hoot and holler and a hallelujah!!

Still don’t believe me?
Take a quiet moment and ask yourself.  Ask God.
He  would love to show you where He is proud of you!
He is your biggest cheering section.
He is such a big fan that He sings over you!

Remember, in His eyes you have already surpassed “Conqueror Status”

We make a gazillion choices every day

And YES you HAVE made many, many good ones.

And now, knowing what we know, we will contine up that escalator and make MORE LIFE CHOICES.

These little steps are going to get us where we are going, guys.

Don’t be scared of that fella, “Will”.
He can work with you. He can be your most valued ally.
He just needs to be given his marching orders.
Let Mr Will know right now, that the rules have changed, your mind is set and he will be bent on that and only that which is good.

We choose to set our “choosers” on to life.
We will dig out the weeds of our bad choices with repentance and the grace of God.

With every choice a fragrant harvest comes in  due season.
Circumstances change. We change.

Voila! We begin living life in life, not in the swallows of death.

I love you,

I Think “IDIOT” Sums It Up…


I’ve been blogging how I use the BLESS keys every day in my little Jo world.

But today’s blog, is about what an immense disastrous mess, one can make of life as you know it when you DON’T follow the keys.

My oh my dear sweet reader, I have made such a mess, that I don’t know just were to begin.

And I contribute 100% of it to the fact that my stubborn, selfish self did not walk thru her keys.

Instead of throwing myself back into God’s arms, trusting His promises, His eyes and His heart,
my mind only screamed one ugly word “me, me, me….”

The “me-man” will only make you do one thing really, really fast. He (she) will make you,  not just step out of love, but fall fast and hard from love as can be.

“Love does not insist on its own rights or its won way. for it is not self-seeking; It in not touchy or fretful or resentful, it takes NO account of the evil done to it. (It pays no attention to a suffered wrong) ” ICor 13:5

I am, guilty as charged..

All these eyes  could see was the evil being done to yours truly.

From there my little me heart went on to blather thru my little me mouth, nasty little “me, me, you, you” words.

And just what do you think I got?

You see,  when you walk the BLESS keys as the BLESS keys are written, you get what the BLESS keys say you would get.

If you don’t do the keys, don’t get what the keys state.

I didn’t walk my keys, and I got a mess.

I hurt one of the sweetest people in my life and they walked out.
Possibly forever.

You sow to your flesh, you reap to your flesh.
Destruction. Period.
It may be immediate.
It may be slow and drawn out but it will be a death.
Now I am mourning  a death of a friendship all because of my flesh.

What an idiot, I can be!
I fell into the flesh,  I acted horribly and I destroyed a priceless friendship.
I sinned.

To know what to do and not do it…
I knew my BLESS steps.
I try to keep them constant in my mind, ingrained in my heart  (or at least so I thought)

But still I made a choice;
Chose  to fall to my stubborn ugly PRIDE!

So, Where From Here?

Where does the Queen of Condemnation go to keep herself from curling up into a ball and quitting life….

She drags herself off her butt and gets on her knees.

She goes back to Her Lord and Savior who is waiting with open arms.
She repents thru her tears,  for the damage she has done to the ones that He loves, and shakes her head as He faithfully takes her back.

Then she arms herself for battle.

Because my sweet  bloggie readers, we are in a spiritual battle.
And we cannot fight flesh with flesh.

If you have ever made such a mess out of something that you think there is no fixing.
Join with me…

God is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE!

He is the God of  RESTORATION!

He is the God that has taught us to move MOUNTAINS!

By faith in the name of Jesus, I speak to the mountains between relationships. Relationships in my life, and relationships in the lives of all those who’s eyes fall here. We tell these mountains to be removed once and forever.
Satan, you and your schemes have no more footholds in these relationships.

Holy Ghost we agree for a supernatural healing and an supernatural restoration.
A restoration that will bring glory and honour to your name.
A restoration that is built on the solid foundation of your word and your kingdom.

We thank you now for the impossible that you are going to do.
I thank you that you are turning the hearts of the father’s back to the son’s and the hearts of the son’s back to the fathers.
I thank you for marriages being restored.  I thank you for the wave of grace and mercy that is flowing from your throne to your children.

Thank you for healing the broken hearts,and restoring all the years that the locust have eaten.

I thank you that we are children that walk and talk and love like our Father.  And that the world will know you by your love thru us.

In Jesus mighty name,
AMEN, so-be-it….

Post your prayers here.
Posts your pains here.

Remember, God is not just able, but He is willing.

As for me, I am delving back into “May I BLESS You”.
I am saturating myself in His spirit and His word.
I am getting myself strengthened and trained for battle.
My words and my deeds will give life and not bring death.

Please keep us in your prayers.

And keep watch,
I absolutely expect to post a praise report soon!


Saving Stinky Mike


His name is Mike, and he is a used car dealer.

He was very much a stereo-typical car used car dealer.

He was loud, obnoxious and , honestly, quite foul.

His face was weathered, with a sickly grey tinge.
His nose, bulbous and red with veins. Indicative of years of alcohol abuse.

His office was stank with old cigarettes.

Mike even had an Al Pacino bobble head on his desk.

Mike gave me the creeps.

But the reality was that we wanted the vehicle.

The price was in my budget  and it was just what I was shopping for.

A little red, jeep 4×4.
Perfect for our Manitoba winter, cute, sporty.

I will name her “Gloria”

Even during the test drive, Mike would make scathing derogatory comments about those that stood waiting at the bus stop or walked down the street. Then he would laugh.

Mike made my skin crawl and everything in my logic screamed “don’t deal with Mike!!”

To top off creepy Mike and his mechanic, were not quite honest with us.
Probably not a big surprise.

Gloria needed more fixing then they they led on. She did not pass the required safety so she could be sold legally.

To make a long story short, Mike and the mechanic, and Gloria’s glitches got caught before she ever left the used car lot.
And Mike’s boss agreed to have everything up to code with her, ASAP.

Tomorrow we go back and bring Gloria home.

Tomorrow we will see stinky, creepy Mike, again.

Today, I am asking myself how am I going handle myself and if I will choose to take the higher road.

I make myself remember who I am, and whom I represent.

Yes, it would be  easy to deal with Mike and then leave.
Maybe that will be all there is opportunity for.

But what if there is chance for more?  What if this was all about having the “more” trickle into stinky Mike’s life?

Could it be that God has a plan and a destiny for Mike?

If so, how do I ever find a way to help him hear?

Is it possible that just by our presence and prayers, I can leave something lingering in the spirit, to touch the deepest, part of Mike’s deep crevasses?

If there is a chance, I don’t want to have it slip by because I was focused on me and the realm of Jo.

I begin to work my BLESS keys.

I get my heart ready.

I allow God to show me what He knows about Mike and tomorrow.

Moments are of eternal value. People are of eternal value.

What if, just what if, Mike the stinky used car sales man was destined for greatness.

What if some trickery from the enemy of our souls, took him far from his path.
Far from the plan of God, but never far from His reach.

It could have been me. It has been me in the past.

What if no one ever prayed for me? Where would I be now?

What if no one ever prayed for Mike besides me?  Never a single prayer in his entire life.

What if Mike was there for me?

What if he is here to open my heart into the deeper things of God?

What if he is my test?

Will I pass or will I fail?

And what in the world do I have to do?

It is moments like these I am so thankful for the BLESS keys.

I now know exactly what to do.

So, tomorrow, I will walk them out.  What ever that may look like, right now, I am not sure, but I know what I am to do.  That is enough.

5 simple keys could change this man’s destiny.

Every day, we meet someone.
Everyday we have opportunity for something much huger than what it may seem.

God the most purposeful being there is, and if my life is His then nothing in it is ever without purpose either. No matter how ordinary.
No matter how small.

Not even the decision to buy a little red Jeep from a man named Mike.