Because You Gave Back



May I BLESS You is a big believer in the principle of “sowing and reaping”

We are so blessed by YOU supporting US and purchasing a copy of “May I BLESS You”

that we are giving back.

A percentage of all sales of this book are sown back into these wonderful ministries

Visit their pages and take a look, pray for them.

They are good people, who do good work for the good news




bridges of hope

Bridges of Hope International Network of Development Agencies Inc. exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment amongst the poorest nations of the earth.

They have a vision to enhance the capability and productivity of indigenous organizations, leadership, and people who are committed to poverty relief and community empowerment.

The dream of Bridges of Hope is to see indigenous organizations, leadership and people become excellent at reproducing their ability to promote poverty relief and community empowerment into other impoverished contexts.

There’s so much to be said about the work that they do,
and no way to sum it up briefly.
If you ever have opportunity to meet or hear founder Daniel Zopoula story, do.
From the utter depths of poverty and despair, God’s love and mercy flows.
It will forever change how you see the third world and poverty relief.
“An unexamined life, is not a life worth living”
Daniel Zopoula

compassion canada


Compassion Canada is one of the ministries May I BLESS You, proudly sponsors.

A portion from every book sold goes supporting their tireless work around the world.

Compassion works with the poorest of the poor children in over 25 developing countries around the world in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Compassion has eleven partner countries around the world, which provide funds,
resources, and assistance.

They do amazing work.
We have been involved with this group for years and it is an honor
to represent them in any way possible.

In a few months, May I BLESS You is planning to sponsor its own child to bless and support.

Keep watching here.
When we do, we’ll post the pic and particulars.






Siloam Mission loves on the unloved in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ministering daily to over 500 plus, in frozen Canadian capital since 1987.

Bravo to them!

As with the others, it is a privilege to contribute to such a work.




teen challengefor blog


What Teen Challenge does is nothing short of a miracle.

I have seen it for myself.

There are over 15 Teen Challenge Centres across Canada and more than 1,000 worldwide.

Their programs are powerful and effective. Not only do they deal with the drug issues,
but they deal with the deeper root of the problem, the heart of man.
This is what makes them a success where so many other programs fail.

The lives they touch are countless.
And talk about resourceful!
These guys fund raise through everything from vehicle restoration and candy sales.

I figure I can’t buy a car, but I can still write a cheque!




Quietly tucked away in the bush of a old pasture in Saskatchewan, Canada
is a treasure of unspeakable riches.

Trossachs Gospel Camp has been the hands, feet, heart and mouth of God to all who come for almost 100 years.

Ministering in the old camp meeting style,
Trossachs takes you into the very throne room of God where lives have been touched forever.

Those who have been there, know. They met with God and they are changed.

It was in one of these humble cabins, several years ago,
where the seed of May I BLESS You was planted.

Trossachs reaches youth, children, seniors and families of all backgrounds.

Run by the loving hands of volunteers,
Trossachs Camp has been a staple in my family’s spiritual diet for years.

It is our delight to support them and all they do.


Read our  family’s story of how Trossach’s Camp stole our heart here.


camp sign

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    May I Bless you is voice of God which calling is for life with peace

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