What About…

… This Blog

This is a blog for all things happy, hopeful and blessed.

In a blogsphere where we still Google the simple things in life; happiness and hope top the lists.

They seem to be a rare treasure.

Let this blog become your own happy place.

Let it be your big deep breath, your fueling stop.
Hoping to become your web resource on authentic happiness and hope, this blog is here for you with quick and challenging thoughts and real practical tools.

Not just the empty pep talks that we are tired of, but workable tools are available to help you walk immediately towards finding happiness in your life and the hope you need.

If you are wondering where to find happiness; learning some keys to happiness, have no hope, need hope, forgotten how to hope, or just need a reason to smile;

Please, come here .
Stay here.
Bookmark us.
Pop by often.
Share and ask.

The blog is focused into 3 themes; HAPPINESS, HOPE, and BLESSED.

All three categories can be used independently or interdependently of each other.
The categories can be read with each other or on their own depending on your interest.

But each has the potential to add its own unique spice and flavor to your world.

Read and use what you choose.

This blog is here for everyone with a past and everyone with a future.
Regardless of your beliefs and questions, fears and pains.

It is my desire that this blog eternally change a corner of your life.

Happiness, hope and blessings can be yours and they can even start with a few sentences on a web blog.

… Joanne Smith

I am a simple small town girl, from a small Canadian prairie farm community, the youngest and only daughter in a family of 5.

Not alot different from anyone else.
In many ways I am your average Jo.

I mean, really, think about it.  My name is  Jo Smith.
Could  you get more generic than that?

Not being much different from anyone else,  life for me did not turn out like I dreamed,but  instead with its share of overwhelming  struggles, disappointments and gutt-wrenching heartbreaks.

But with God’s grace, for the past 19 years, I have raised 3 amazing children as a single mom.

If there was one message that I could holler from the top of my lungs to every single parent it is this one:

“ Don’t worry! God is more than able!  There is so much hope!”

So, in spite of the bumps and valleys and sudden surprises over the years, I am writing  to share how I have found a secret stash of hope and happiness inside, rising up and taking over.

It has diluted the shadow of depression and discouragement that clung to me for many years.
It is has lifted me back on to my feet when I all I wanted to do was pull the covers up over my head.

I laugh out loud, A LOT!

For the first time, in a very long time, I can honestly say I AM HAPPY and I HAVE HOPE!

Authentic happiness and true hope.

So, it is out of this release from those dark places that I began to create this blog.

Hope and Happiness are universally sought after with a tireless passion.

More and more I see how incredibly over whelmed people are becoming with life.
They are burdened, weary and scared.

But hope and happiness are there to be had, regardless of who you are and what you’ve come through or are walking through.
You’re still here now aren’t you?
Then hang on a little longer.

Hope and Happiness are real, and I hope that with these humble offerings on this blog,  you can move towards them becoming your own.

Aside from blogging and authoring my e-book and testimony, “May I BLESS You”, my passions have taken me to study natural health.

With  God’s love I was delivered from deadly eating disorders and addictions, and I have received countless healings to my physical body, mind and heart.

So my other desire now is to continue to teach natural health and healing, and the enjoyment food the way it was created to be I have blogged my natural health journey at www.yournaturalfoodcoach.blogspot.com .

Consider this your invitation to stop by for a visit!

smith family

“May I BLESS You”

BLESS is an acronym that was dropped in my heart several years ago.

Each letter is a simple key that builds one on top of each other.

BLESS has become the mantra of my life.

Five little letters, one short word that  bring my focus back to where is should be.

Five keys from the heart of God  that dramatically touched how I walked my journey with Him.

It has become invaluable to me, as it could to you.

You need to read this e-book and let the principles  transform you , then watch the ripple effects, transform those around you.

The Keys shared in “May I BLESS You” have been an awesome tool to get me out of the way so God can have His way in my life.

What I mean by that, is that I still find the “Almighty I”,  also known as Jo, more often than not, has her own agenda, and her opinion of how this whole life should be run.
And if left unchecked, the “Almighty I” wastes alot of valuable time, and brain space with her own thoughts rotating all around HER!

That’s where the BLESS Keys has become a miracle.

The keys hem me in, and keep my thoughts, attitudes, mouth and actions EXACTLY where they should be.

Exactly where they WANT TO BE… focused on being a vessel used by God.

After all, is that not our heart’s desire?  All of us?

No matter how often we may become infatuated by the glam and glitter around us, don’t we really want to know that we are right in our destiny and plan?

That our short minutes and seconds here are not empty?
That we have contributed to something grander and more eternal than us?

If you are wanting to find the place God wants you to be and discover what God wants you to do with your life then the five keys in May I BLESS You, will  be your very best first step.

Learn more about May I BLESS You and my personal story here

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