Chet’s Five Crazy Easy Happy Tips


  Chet Day, fabulous aging boomer and all-around-handy-health tip guy,  drops me a note every now and again, with some simple handy hints.

This week was a quickie but a goodie on simple way to keep the happiness momentum from getting stuck in a rut.


The following tips on how to be happy are so simple-minded, you may be tempted to not try them.

That would be a major mistake because these techniques were scientifically documented and verified by a British “happiness team” whose expertise spans philosophy, public policy and economics.

Here are five steps to happiness that the team identified:

  • Plant somethingand nurture it.  
  • Count your blessings— at least five — at the end of each day.  
  • Take time to talkand have an hour-long conversation with a loved one each week.  
  • Phone a friend whom you have not spoken to for a while and arrange to meet up.

  • Give yourself a treat every day and take the time to really enjoy it.

I don’t care how busy you are, you can find a couple minutes in your day to try these five happiness tips.

So do it, by golly!

Thanks Chet!  It took some effort and a firm decision, but I did it (by golly!)

I’m not big on phone calls (way to crazy in my house,) but I have decided to email a friend I’ve lost touch with and do some catching up.

I’m also trying to list 5 things each day, and acknowledge them, instead of just assuming they were somewhere in the daily chaos.  (I’ll keep you posted on that one)

(Check your inbox, my dear Bevvvy-girl!
I know its been a while but expect  a big fat email soon!)



Happiness doesn’t have to be one big event, it continually refreshes itself with simple choices.

These were 5 simple things that you can do regardless of location, finances, or even time commitments.

These ideas really only take a few minutes out of your week. Simple as can be!

I took the time and caught up with an old friend and loved it!

Its Your Turn~

Which can you do out of these simple ideas?

Which ones did you do, have you done?

Share them in the comment section below.

What are your best quick happy tips?

I would love to give them a try!  (some days we need all the tips we can get!)

One Response

  1. Ok Mr Chet Day!!

    I’ll take on your challenge!
    I’m gonna do my best to hang out with this thankful bunch @ , post my daily gratitudes, and hopefully learn a thing or two about staying HAPPY!

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