Learning to be used by God~ SomeThoughts on Serving


“A reoccurring point is being made in my spirit, over
and over again.
I think, perhaps, I am finally getting it.
Quite simply, my life is not about me.  Period.
Never should have been, never should be again.
If there ever was a thermostat that will effect the temperature of any relationship, it is serving.

When you begin to practice this key on a consistent basis,
things begin to heat up.

By serving you will soften the hardest heart and humble
the proudest ego.
“~ from May I BLESS You

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Alright! I admit it.

Today, I was a” Grade A” GRUMP.

I was a grump and the day was one of those days that just enhanced and induced grumpiness.

In Jo’s eyes nothing went right.
Nothing went right and no one could do  right.

Amazing isn’t it?
Not even 24 hours after such a wonderful presence and intervention from the God of the entire universe that I could end up in such a icky humdrum?

Truth being told, so much of an icky humdrum that I debated  ditching this blog today.

I had  nothing brilliant and encouraging to say and besides, how could I ever admit to being a miserable cuss?

I wanted to flesh out and blame it on absolutely anything~


Life stinks being a single mom.
Work in retail stinks.
The weather stinks.


There I said it!!! HA!!!! YA! And it felt gooooooood!!

But the fortunate (or perhaps, unfortunate)  thing about the BLESS keys, is that they will not let you stay in your mud puddle for very long.
I knew if I continued to wallow, I would be doing damage control right away.

I was too tired for damage control!

I began to recite my keys in my head.
I was having definite trouble with keys 1 and 2.
I knew them,  I worked them but they didn’t really sink past my brain and nothing really budged in my attitude.
Now I was just a grump that knew keys 1 and 2!

Key #3 , however, is a very active key.
The beauty is that key 3 something you  CHOOSE to use, no matter how you feel.
It is not anything that you have to wait  to soak in or bubble up.
You control it completely and it is instant.

So I chose to work the assignments that are part of  Key 3.

I was determined  to say absolutely nothing to anyone unless it was completely life giving.
AND… I was going to go out of my way to say very  deliberate compliments to each person.
(very steep order for a grump)

My son is 12.
He is at that stage where he follows me room to room with constant irrelevant questions.  (Reminds me of the buzzing mosquito  one can never  swat)

Didn’t matter where I went to hide in my grumpy mood.
He found me, wanting to know how many eyes ants have or could we till a new garden on the absolute other end of the yard next summer… sigh…

But I did it.
I took a deep breath, smiled strongly and told him how much I admired his inquisitiveness.
How it shows ingenuity and a strong mind to always be thinking out side the box.
Yes sir, the very stuff of leaders and heroes, it was.

Oh and MY!!! To be so thoughtful of us!!
That he would be so concerned for our well being that he would offer to dig us a WHOLE NEW GARDEN!


You should have seen how big his eyes got when I actually stopped, crouched down to his level, looked him eye to eye, and , instead of the big brush-off, he got an answer.

It was enough to make the both of us grow 2 sizes inside.

So besides, biting my tongue all night, and making myself see and SAY the good, I helped.

I helped kids that were more than capable all evening.

I studied science. I ran bathtubs. I got glasses of water. I served seconds and thirds of dinners and took their plates.

And, yup… guess what happened. Two simple keys, and Jo was grumpy no more.
Keys 1 and 2 seemed to jump in my heart again, and I had no trouble sitting quietly and moving mountains with them.

I was laughing by the end of the night.
Life didn’t stink so much and no one lost their heads being near me.

Two Keys.
Not even done in order.
Done half-hearted and begrudgingly.
Still having power to change!

I am never failed to be humbled and honoured by the grace of God.

Have an amazing night.