Learning to be used by God~ SomeThoughts on Serving


“A reoccurring point is being made in my spirit, over
and over again.
I think, perhaps, I am finally getting it.
Quite simply, my life is not about me.  Period.
Never should have been, never should be again.
If there ever was a thermostat that will effect the temperature of any relationship, it is serving.

When you begin to practice this key on a consistent basis,
things begin to heat up.

By serving you will soften the hardest heart and humble
the proudest ego.
“~ from May I BLESS You

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Excerpts from CHAPTER 2

Excerpts from CHAPTER 2

How do I get this Love?  How do I use this Love?

And the questions of all questions,
could it really be genuine coming through someone like me?

I needed to understand.

I desperately wanted to become that person that would be so filled
with the love of God that it would just ooze.

I wanted to somehow, in some way, make some sort of difference,
no matter how unseen, in lives that crossed my path.

But the ugly reality remained; I fell horribly short.

When I was quiet and honest before God, I would find my heart
being occupied with yours truly; my worries, my plans,
my thoughts, mine and mine alone.

I knew it wasn’t how it should be, I knew from all my years studying and
enjoying the Lord that was not what He wanted for me.

Forget what He wanted for me, it is not what He requires of me.


My reality was, that this ugly stuff was inside me,
ready to pop up without any warning what so ever.

When I looked at what I should have been,
I would have curled up in a ball in discouragement and quit except for one thing.

When you receive this, His command to walk in the same
unconditional love stops being impossible.


You will be equipped to love them as He loves them.
With complete adoration.
With so much passion you could sing and dance.

It is true.
It is happening to me, daily
They will see love in your eyes; hear it in your voice.

When you are face to face.  You will be captivated.
They will be the most important person in the world in that moment.

Your plans, your worries, pains, pre-occupations
will be the furthest thing from your mind.

You will see only them and you will see all of them.
Every moment of everyday.
Every encounter.

Your own busyness will slow down and
you will see these people as they really are.

Broken and precious.

Your thoughts will be no longer consumed with yourself.

You will take all of you up to the foot of that cross,
turn your back and walk away.

You knew you were not your own, but now you know you are safe.

You are free to give love away, fearlessly.

Excerpts from CHAPTER 1

Excerpts from CHAPTER 1

There is a moment in John 21 when Jesus looked Peter in the eyes,
and asked him several times “Peter, do you love me?”
There has been many a moment when Jesus, has sat me down,
looked at me with those same big beautiful eyes and asked,
probably in a similar tone, “Joanne, do you believe me?”

Just like Peter, I would respond,
most likely with the same over confident tone… “Of course LORD!!!”
As with Peter, He’d graciously ask a second time,
looking more intently into me…”Joanne, do you believe me?”
Like Peter, I’d reply a second time,” course Lord,”

Oh how those words have haunted my soul so often.
It’s a question that I wonder if I can truly answer.
Do I?
Do I really believe Him?

Finally, like Peter, I answer, confidence fleeting, as the words cross my lips,
“Lord you know all things… you know I do”


There are days, most days perhaps,
when the bombardment will be relentless.
Satan, the enemy, whose purpose is to kill steal and destroy, the Father of all lies,
will be sitting on your shoulder, shouting in your ear.
Don’t believe THAT. Don’t trust HIM!

More than anything Satan wants to disillusion your opinion of God’s word.
Satan’s biggest lie yet, to the world, is that God did not mean what He said,
and that God will not do what He said.

The only weapon he has against us is the lie and the strategy of deception.
We defeat lies with Truth.

There will be many; many moments when you own intellect
will give you an endless list of legitimate reasons.
Logic, and understanding, yours and of course others, will try to negate your faith.
Your eyes will see only this physical world.
There will be times when everything will rise up against that faith,
everything in your flesh will scream and writhe.
Your mind will reject it.
You will think of every reason that it is not possible.
“Not this time, Lord. Certainly, not for me…”



The truth was, I could not take my eyes off of myself and place them on other people.
I needed to know that I was going to be ok.
Call it primal instinct, primitive self-preservation.
Whatever it was, I was guilty as charged.

My thoughts and motives, as shameful as it is to say, were all about me and mine.
I was so preoccupied with me and my world that no one else’s existed.
I tried just pushing it to the side.

I knew my attitude was wrong, but it just overwhelmed me,
my stuff was always foremost in my mind.
As hard as I tried, it would just weasel its way back into the front of my thinking.

To be able to look beyond myself, so I could see all the others in front of me.
I needed some solid guarantees.

To be free of this, I needed to know that there were answers to my worries and prayer.
And that my “stuff’ was going to be “just fine”.

If I had that, maybe, I could rest my poor fretting self.


Introduction from “May I BLESS You”


Welcome,  here we are.

You’ve made the investment and bought the book.
Probably half wondering if that 100% guarantee is legit and just how far you’ll get before you have to go through the hassles of refunding it.
I’m sure you feel you have taken a leap of faith.
I know, been there myself.
I have a hard drive full of ebooks that I put my hard earned money into just to find they were worth no more than the paper they were written on!
I know you are here hoping for something much more than that.
“May I BLESS You” is much more than that.

There are endless ebooks that will tell you how to get something for yourself, but this book does more.
It walks the higher, narrow road, and shows you how to give something of yourself.

You are here because you want to walk in a greater and more impacting relationship with people. If you walk through the principles of this book, it will happen.
Your heart will change towards them and they will forever be impacted by the presence and peace of God, they will see in you.

Yet, after you have applied all the keys in this book you will find that you will be the one receiving blessings in every area of your life.
It will stretch far beyond anything you dreamed or imagined.

But first a few loving instructions;
Although this is an ebook, don’t judge it by its cover.
It is not a light read nor is it a quick read.
You purchased this book with the intent to be successful.
Good news! You will be. The keys explained in here work and they work well.

The deciding factor is always you, and your willingness.

In some degree it is written as a devotional; to make your spirit soar and fly you up to heaven to touch the face of God.
In other moments it will be a workbook, and a WORKOUT!
Get down and get dirty kinda work!
But if you let God lead you and direct you, you will rise to the occasion and you will transform.

Ideally, I have found from a half hour to an hour daily to meditate on and practice whichever assignment you are on, is minimal.

No muscle grows without working it, and that includes our faith muscles.

Even if you have purchased “May I BLESS You”, not realizing it was such a commitment, do me one favor before you send it back.
Sit on it for a while.
It has been my experience that God knows what we need long before we do and sets us up.
You may open it up in a month or so and find the timing was perfect.

BLESS is an acronym that was dropped in my heart several years ago.
Each letter is a simple key that builds one on top of each other.
BLESS has become the mantra of my life.
It’s the standard to which I am held.
5 little letters, one short word that will bring your focus back to where is should be.
It has become invaluable to me, as it will to you.

It is an internal inventory, a checklist for every encounter of every kind.
I run it through my mind on the drive into work.
It keeps me steady and firm as I raise my children. When I’m in the grocery store, the bank, or the traffic jam. With family dramas, irate customers and creepy strangers on the street; in moments of confrontation, and moments when the mind goes blank.

If there are people, we need BLESS!

Whatever situation I find myself in, I simply pull up BLESS from the recesses of my heart and walk myself through each key.
In time, you, too, will find it comes more naturally, ingrained and immediate, emerging from the steps you are about to learn.
Other times you will need to make yourself slow down and walk the keys until it becomes automatic.

These keys are based on Christian principles as taught in the bible.
Scriptures used are from the Amplified Bible or NIV version unless otherwise stated.
Each key has it’s own set of assignments~steps that will reinforce each key.
The printouts that are referred to in the assignment~steps are found in the second book that you downloaded.
Because “May I BLESS You” is such a complete book, it also became a very large book.

Consequently, finding that two smaller books are much easier to send, upload and download in cyberspace than one big book., “May I BLESS You” was divided into two parts.
Please make sure you have both downloads.

Whatever you do, do not jump over assignment-steps.
Even if they seem too simple to be any good, or even if you think it is something you already know. Do them as often as you are instructed to do them.

BLESS will not work unless you work the steps.

End of Story.
Don’t even bother trying it any other way.

BLESS has been designed to be interactive and reflective.
You are being invited to get real, transparent and go deep with God.

“May I BLESS You” works.

When you walk it out, the way it is laid out, you absolutely will witness marvelous things happen.