Thirty Days of Tongue Taming

I imagine God rubbing his hands with delight, grinning from ear to ear

I would imagine that these words from my mouth thrill Him more than almost any others.

I picture God sitting on the edge of His throne, eagerly waiting for that
“Green light”
that I give when I mutter …


Ok, Lord, You have my permission.
Go ahead and show me what I need to see and
change me where I need to change!”

I’ve learned that heart felt prayers like that are spiritual dynamite! KABOOM!


God will takes us at our word.
Being the Grande Cosmic Sculptor that He is,  He relishes in every opportunity we give Him  to mould and transform us.

There is not a adventure wilder (yet safer)  then running through life chasing God all the while to find out God is chasing after you.

How about you and I give Him our co-operation and tackle the areas in our lives which still do not bring life?

I  have begun to trust God (and have become frustrated enough)  to ask  that daring question:  “what next, Lord” ?
What crazy little corners of my world  need divine dusting  so I can become more and more a living reflection of Him.

Keep your antenna tuned and hang on to your hats, my dear friends.
If you have ever prayed this way, you must know…  you know HE’S GOING TO SHOW YOU!

He will direct and arrange your steps in such a way, that you will be led into the change you have been asking for.

Knowing that God loves to choreograph the  every day moments, I  try to be on the look out for some heavenly direction.

That is exactly what occurred when I stumbled cross this  little book in the bottom of a box in my favorite  thrift store .

It’s title captivated, compelled and convicted me  immediately:
“30 days to Taming your Tongue” by Deborah Smith Pegues

Its contents  promised me success  in improving all my relationships:
“What you SAY (and DON’T SAY)  Will Improve Your Relationships”


Honestly, who doesn’t need a little relational upgrade here and there?

I have defiantly noticed holes in some of my relationships.
Holes that I would love to fill with something of substance.

Holes that possibly could have been created by that BIG HOLE right underneath my nose!
Maybe 3o days with Deborah could help my hole to repair those holes?

My experience with the Keys in “May I BLESS You”  has taught me that my words and my mouth were nothing to be toyed with.

Instead,  they are a very powerful tool to build or destroy.

Thirty days to improve my skill with this tool?

You betcha!  No way I’m turning this down!
This book is homeless no more!

From a box, to my hand and now daily into my heart.

Who hasn’t struggled at times with foot–in–mouth disease?
Certified behavioral consultant Deborah Pegues knows how easily a slip of the tongue can cause problems in personal and in business relationships.
That is why she has put together a 30–day devotional to help readers tame that unruly member and turn it into an asset.

Readers will learn to:

  • stop saying the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong way
  • learn to use words that build others up
  • avoid the pitfalls and consequences of lies, flattery, and exaggerations

Short stories, anecdotes, soul–searching questions, and scripturally based personal affirmations combine to make each chapter tongue–and–life–changing.

Deborah challenges readers to embark upon a 30-day period of verbal abstinence from 30 negative uses of the tongue including complaining, gossiping, lying, etc.

With sales in excess of 480,000 copies, this book has revolutionized conversations across America

Thirty Days, and I’m inviting you.

Everybody wants to improve their relationships.

Everybody needs to improve their relationships.

I’m ready to get real with my wild tongue, and with myself.

Join me?

Grab a copy of the book, or just hang close here.

I’ll make sure to let you all know what I learn, (big deep breath)  what I’ve changed about me and , hopefully, how its changing my relationships around me.

How about You and I
“Tame Our Tongues” TOGETHER?

Pick Up Deborah’s
Book, Workbook and Audio CD

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Lets  not wait another day to
change these wild mouths  from


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** Is believing and trusting God to lead you to difficult to get your head around?
Thats ok.  You are not alone!

I invite you to step out, bit at a time, and discover for yourself that  what God means is true, and He can be trusted.    OH! He can be trusted.

I share my personal story of an everyday-day where I made a decision to take that little step, and stretch my heart to believe God  in this post. It turned my day around instantly and could turn yours around also.

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