Not Sure if You’re Happy? 10 Revealing and Somewhat Silly Happy Tests


Do you remember this catchy little song we use to sing as kids….

If You’re HAPPY and You Know It, Clap Your Hands….

***CLAP, CLAP!***

If You’re HAPPY and You Know It, Clap Your Hands….

***CLAP, CLAP!***

If You’re HAPPY and You Know It, Then Your Face is Gonna SHOW IT!

If You’re HAPPY and You Know It…..

(oh yeah… you know it….)



But WAIT?  What if you are happy and you don’t know it?

What if, all this time, you were sitting in a great big bowl of happy and just had no idea?

Could you be so busy trying to be happy but not realize you already are?

Fret no more!
Instead of you staying up half the night wondering if you’re happy and don’t  know it, I stayed up half the night for you!

I have surfed the net for the best (and found some goofy) happy tests in existence.

So even if you test results are a great big “F” for FAIL!

Work your way down to the last link , for fun, you will be grinning from ear to ear.   I promise.
I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, myself.

Give the tests a try.
Post your scores, if you dare, in the comment area that follows.

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Not to worry world! Oprah’s got this one covered!
On her Oprah web, she shares a test for the  “The Be Happy Index”.

The BHI is a test used during Dr. Robert Holden’s eight-week “Be Happy program”, and has actually been tested by scientists and broadcasted on the BBC documentary “How to Be Happy”

I was excited!
This test must be a gooder if real scientist dissected this one!

After my happy dissection (based on 10 questions) I scored 74.
I was happy to find out I was “Getting There ” (phew… now thats a relief to know)

Apparently anywhere between 68 to 83 points is a “healthy score”.
However, according to the results, I “need to recognize the difference between chasing after happiness and choosing happiness. Happiness is not outside you; it’s not a destination; and it’s not about “getting there.” When you stop chasing happiness, you allow yourself to be more present, more available and more open. This way you find happiness wherever you are.”
(I think I’ve heard myself give that very sermon to my kids)

2. I Village Happy Test

The gang over at I-Village and I seem to think along the same wave length here. Maybe happiness isn’t as simple as scoring a number.

My test results opened me up to some pretty firm observations. This is what my test told them about me:

Free and happy You really have got happiness down to a fine art. You’ve got a brilliant approach to life. At the core of your approach is the understanding that if you’re not happy, then it’s down to you to sort it out. There are things you can do about it – changing the way you think, feel or the way you handle your problems. You have the confidence and self-belief never to simply accept misery as a way of life. You believe in yourself and your ability to get through things. You’re not smug, but at peace with the real you.”
(I  sound crazy happy! I’m sure if I Village would have given me a score, I’d be off the charts!)

3.  Hello Quizzy Quiz

This test determined my entire life’s happiness by my answers to 4 (on average) questions to 5 different topics .
It did however score me individually on each category , instead of lumping them all together, which I appreciated.

I scored between 33% and 67% depending on the category.

ps… this test seems to be somewhat preoccupied with your sex life (making up 2 of the 5 categories), so if romance is currently non-existent, in their opinion, you are going to be having a hard time being happy.

4.  OK, Now this is one Goofy Quiz



This test decided my happy fate on my answers to a whooping FIVE questions.

It graded me by how many spinning smiley faces had after each answer (or frowny faces) and promptly advised me to seek counseling!
Big Frowns from me.


5.  Happiness



When I saw the length of this quiz, I felt a little more hopeful of being given a fair analysis.

Twenty-nine questions decided my happy fate, with me choosing various statements as being  “less true”, “more true” or  in-between.

I did find myself getting a little frustrated with the extreme wording; statements like “I am completely satisfied” and “I always have”.
But the test was created at Oxford University by psychologists Michael Argyle and Peter Hills, and Dr. Oz gives it two thumbs up (if kudos from Oxford isn’t good enough) ANNNND I did get my highest score yet; 77% Happy.

So maybe there’s something to this one.

You will be asked to submit an email address, presumably if you want to retest and compare your results a few months down the road.

6. Penn U Happy Quiz

This test is brought to us by the kind folks at Penn University.
It does require a log in and password to record our answers so we can become a Penn State case study.

You answer 24 questions considering how you feel currently or in the past week.
You also get to see how where you fall next to others  in your gender, age group, occupation, zip code and education level.

Scoring is between 1 to 5 and I didn’t even make the halfway mark.

Maybe Monday’s are not the best day to do happy quizes?

7.  Taking all these Tests are Making Me Stressed Not Happy



Over one hundred questions where I was only allowed to answer ‘never’ “sometimes” “often” correlated  my stress and happy connection

No Number Scores. My results were broken down separately into  four categories; “STRESS” (below average), “STRESS COPING” (high), “HAPPINESS” (average) and “POSITIVE THOUGHTS” (above average)

8.  Certainly Psych Today will Tell Me

Somehow I was expecting something a little more concrete from from Psychology Today.
Or maybe I got just that; a lot of psychology.

I was asked questions on my past regrets, current contentment, plastic surgery, and whether I was living my dream life (whatever that is)

Apparently, I am not very content, am missing my dream, am dissatisfied but maybe plastic surgery would fix all that?

Out of 10 questions, I scored 69%.


9.  The Happy Cherry Pie  Book Test



This quiz determined my happiness on only 5 questions that asked me how happy I thought I was. (huh?)
Always considering myself pretty dern happy, I of course, passed this one with flying colors scoring 6.25 out of a maximum of 7

This little quiz also thought it important to inform me that the average happiness score runs from about 4.5 to 5.5.
With College students tend to score lower (averaging a bit below 5) than working adults and older, retired people (who average 5.6)

Yipee to me!
Finally not failing a happy test makes me HAPPY!

10.   Just a little Happy From Me to You

This one won’t tell you if your happy.  But just try doing it without smiling
(just for the record…. I failed this one miserably too)

Read Some More:

After all the Happy Tests and Quizzes, I did discover some very interesting things.

In our next posts, I’m going to share some really juicy stuff that I never knew before I took the TESTS and how it can change our entire scope.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog and come back for some more happy reads.


This is YOUR TURN!

How did you do on  some of the Happy Tests?

Are you as happy as you knew it?  Or maybe you need to wipe that smile of your face because you really aren’t as “happy” as you thought?

What are these tests missing?  Where were they accurate?

And most importantly….. how did you do with Number Ten??

2 Responses

  1. Most of the things you articulate is supprisingly legitimate and it makes me ponder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this with this light previously. This particular piece truly did turn the light on for me personally as far as this particular subject matter goes. Nonetheless there is one issue I am not really too comfy with so whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the main theme of the point, allow me see what the rest of your readers have to say.Very well done.

    • YES! Some of those questions did make me roll my eyes a bit! But there were some things that I had never realized about myself either.
      Definately a fun post to do!
      Glad you had fun with it. Did you do them all?

      Happy hugs to you!

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