Getting Rid of Fear

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:
because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love

1 John 4:18

What does love made perfect look like?
Would I even know it if i saw it?

I think more than not, I see the evidence of the absence of perfect love in areas of my life

Areas where fear still creak in.

“Oh, Jo, a little bit of fear is a good thing.” you say, ”
Its natural. You can’t help it. We are always going to feel fear”

Thats exactly right.  It is natural.
But we were called to be supernatural people in a natural world.

If we have fear, we know exactly where we are!  We are in the natural and not walking in the spirtit.
And Praise God, we now know what to do about it.

We must get back to love.
But not just any love.
Perfected love!

Yes, the Father’s perfect love.

I want you to spend the time this week, and ask God to search your hearts and revel your fears.

Spend as much time as you need, ask Him, and believe that He will show you.
Begin to write them down,

Now after you write them down, look at them.
I want you to look at them one last time, because after that, you are going to repent, and watch your wonderful Father dissolve them all.

I want you all to do this this week.
I’ll be doing it to.
I’ll be keeping it up on the blog, and I want you to come and share your experiences.

BUt we’re not done yet.

After we get a good look at what these fears really are, we are going to spend the rest of the week absolutely basking in that perfect love.
We are going to let that perfect love, flood us from head to toe.
We are going to let it fill us and cast out ALL FEAR!
Every last sliver of it.

I’m doing this too, remember. My life has been shadowed with fear as of late, and I want it GONE!!
Who’s all with me?!?

There will be no more fear here.

Just imagine!!! Fearless LIFE!!
It can be ours, sweet ones!!
It will be ours!


Only love that is perfect, making me perfect.

You are in my prayers,

I love you



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