I Think “IDIOT” Sums It Up…


I’ve been blogging how I use the BLESS keys every day in my little Jo world.

But today’s blog, is about what an immense disastrous mess, one can make of life as you know it when you DON’T follow the keys.

My oh my dear sweet reader, I have made such a mess, that I don’t know just were to begin.

And I contribute 100% of it to the fact that my stubborn, selfish self did not walk thru her keys.

Instead of throwing myself back into God’s arms, trusting His promises, His eyes and His heart,
my mind only screamed one ugly word “me, me, me….”

The “me-man” will only make you do one thing really, really fast. He (she) will make you,  not just step out of love, but fall fast and hard from love as can be.

“Love does not insist on its own rights or its won way. for it is not self-seeking; It in not touchy or fretful or resentful, it takes NO account of the evil done to it. (It pays no attention to a suffered wrong) ” ICor 13:5

I am, guilty as charged..

All these eyes  could see was the evil being done to yours truly.

From there my little me heart went on to blather thru my little me mouth, nasty little “me, me, you, you” words.

And just what do you think I got?

You see,  when you walk the BLESS keys as the BLESS keys are written, you get what the BLESS keys say you would get.

If you don’t do the keys, don’t get what the keys state.

I didn’t walk my keys, and I got a mess.

I hurt one of the sweetest people in my life and they walked out.
Possibly forever.

You sow to your flesh, you reap to your flesh.
Destruction. Period.
It may be immediate.
It may be slow and drawn out but it will be a death.
Now I am mourning  a death of a friendship all because of my flesh.

What an idiot, I can be!
I fell into the flesh,  I acted horribly and I destroyed a priceless friendship.
I sinned.

To know what to do and not do it…
I knew my BLESS steps.
I try to keep them constant in my mind, ingrained in my heart  (or at least so I thought)

But still I made a choice;
Chose  to fall to my stubborn ugly PRIDE!

So, Where From Here?

Where does the Queen of Condemnation go to keep herself from curling up into a ball and quitting life….

She drags herself off her butt and gets on her knees.

She goes back to Her Lord and Savior who is waiting with open arms.
She repents thru her tears,  for the damage she has done to the ones that He loves, and shakes her head as He faithfully takes her back.

Then she arms herself for battle.

Because my sweet  bloggie readers, we are in a spiritual battle.
And we cannot fight flesh with flesh.

If you have ever made such a mess out of something that you think there is no fixing.
Join with me…

God is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE!

He is the God of  RESTORATION!

He is the God that has taught us to move MOUNTAINS!

By faith in the name of Jesus, I speak to the mountains between relationships. Relationships in my life, and relationships in the lives of all those who’s eyes fall here. We tell these mountains to be removed once and forever.
Satan, you and your schemes have no more footholds in these relationships.

Holy Ghost we agree for a supernatural healing and an supernatural restoration.
A restoration that will bring glory and honour to your name.
A restoration that is built on the solid foundation of your word and your kingdom.

We thank you now for the impossible that you are going to do.
I thank you that you are turning the hearts of the father’s back to the son’s and the hearts of the son’s back to the fathers.
I thank you for marriages being restored.  I thank you for the wave of grace and mercy that is flowing from your throne to your children.

Thank you for healing the broken hearts,and restoring all the years that the locust have eaten.

I thank you that we are children that walk and talk and love like our Father.  And that the world will know you by your love thru us.

In Jesus mighty name,
AMEN, so-be-it….

Post your prayers here.
Posts your pains here.

Remember, God is not just able, but He is willing.

As for me, I am delving back into “May I BLESS You”.
I am saturating myself in His spirit and His word.
I am getting myself strengthened and trained for battle.
My words and my deeds will give life and not bring death.

Please keep us in your prayers.

And keep watch,
I absolutely expect to post a praise report soon!


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