BLESS and Budgets

Ok, here it is.  

The grunts and gears of it.

The rubber is finally meeting the road.

You have been peeking into Jo’s world, watching me   deal with a dodged  confrontation, and not bite some heads off...

But this is what you are all wondering, I know…

How does the BLESS keys really stand up in the nitty-gritty reality of bills and moolah.

Well, it works.
BLESS works every where, with everything.

If you let it.
Ah!!! Yes, a catch… the disclaimer.

BLESS works if you work it.

And between you and I, my daily budget is the one place where I am stretched and challenged the most.

Take today, for example.
2 weeks after the holiday finds me holding the first pay stub of the New Year.
A pay stub that is several days shorter because of holidays.
A pay stub that is showing the tell-tale signs of a recession, and an unprecedented drop in sales.

In my other hand, I hold the damage of the past couple months.  A heat bill that would choke a Canadian moose,  the cost of Christmas goodies, a long list of fix-its that has to be done on Stinky Mike’s jeep, plus the usual expenses..

I am a single mom of 3.
whether you agree with it or not, I spent most of those years on the welfare , never making ends meet, falling into the gap of  “the system”, having to look up to see the bottom of the poverty line.

I have since left the “system” to enter the workforce and , unfortunately, more times than not, the income is better on the “system”.

Truth be told, discouragement  is never far from my shoulder.
It is always looking for an opportunity to pounce.

I only share this all with you is to make you understand this~

But THE ONLY REASON I have been able avoid the cold fingers of depression is because of the BLESS keys.

It is these keys that keep me from drowning, from month’s end to month’s end.
They are my assurance. My sure-fire guarantee from heaven itself.

No matter what I see with my eyes, I know these keys are the KEYS to turning it all around.

So, here I am today, bills in hand, “surprise” expenses popping out of the blue as they sometimes do, but no lump in my throat.
I can swim up for air.
This time I am not going down.

Even as I open those little brown envelopes, one after another, after another, I am walking thru my steps….

B…..L……E (ah, yes, Jo… pay attention to “E”)…..

So,  is this an encouragement, for you? I hope so.

Do I have complete victory in my bottom line.

But I will tell you this, in the past week that I have recommitted myself to walking through the book again, I have felt an amazing rush of peace. It is solid

In all areas, but especially in finances.

The last key deals very specifically on how to bring increase into your life, while the preceeding keys build the foundation.

Tonight, I am going to curl up with Key 5 and jump in head first.

Keep reading, I will post praise report by praise report as it begins to work.

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