Irene’s Day


I opened the little card.
It was addressed  “Joanne Smith, c/o Neepawa Furniture Centre”.
With the words  “PRIVATE!  Confidential!!” written in large shaky handwriting across the front.

It was a little THANK-YOU card.
It had come from Irene, and it was an answer to prayer.

Her husband, Thomas, had died a month ago,  and I hadn’t heard from her since.

Part of me wondered if our friendship, which had been built around Thomas, will now dissolve.
A lot of me hesitated to contact her, because of the obvious upheaval her life would now be in, but also, secretly, because I felt an enormous weight over Thomas’ death.

I had to lay many what-if’s at the foot of the cross over my darling Thomas;  many questions I will never have an answer to on this side of the pearly gates.

But, here it was in my hand.

A lovely little note, thanking me for the flowers, the support during Thomas’ illness and an invitation for tea.

Today was TEA DAY.

As I drove out to Irene’s,  I reminded myself of what this was about, and why I was doing this.
I went over my BLESS keys in my head. I prayed them.

Yes, I pray them.
They are not just a “to-do-list” of proper behavior or etticate.
No,  they are keys that can supernaturally release the power of the Spirit of God in your life.

I know me.  I know that all I would want to do during  during tea, would be talk.
I would want  to talk about me. I would want to talk about my world, my problems.

If I let it, I would make this entire visit all about numero uno.

But Irene is a gift. Irene is a divine set-up.  Irene was my purpose for today.

So, today,  I chose to put me, myself and I to the side, and make Irene “numero uno’

BLESS does that. BLESS has trained me to do that so easily!

And the best part of  BLESS keys is that, not only was I able to love on Irene, but  none of me felt like I was missing a thing!  I never feel begrudged when I placed myself “second”.

I never feel like I have “missed out”, or “not been heard” anyway shape or form.

The beauty of this is that when the steps are working, I am the one that walks away floating on air.

Strange, I know, but completely true.

God meet me, by being a blessing to Irene!

What an amazing day!  What an amazing woman!

Thank you God for Irene!!


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