So what do you do, REALLY??


When a dear ole’ friend,

  1. hasn’t called in ages
  2. doesn’t reply to your emails
  3. doesn’t accept you invitation to join  your FACEBOOK FAN PAGE
  4. doesn’t acknowledge your FB posts and chats


keeps sending random, generic forwards that say,

“wanna make a crazy, ridiculous amount of money in some ridiculous, crazy online gimmick???  Well then, follow this totally un-affiliated  link to



Do You…

Huff and Puff??

Scream and Stomp??

Roll your Eyes REALLY REALLY dramatically before, after and during huffing and puffing, screaming and stomping????

NO!! Of course not!

First you grab yourself by the collar, drag yourself to the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say
“SELF!! Get over yourself!!”

Then you stir up your BLESS steps from deep in your belly and pray for the long lost buddy.

“Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for Mr Long Lost.
I thank you for the friendship and the fellowship.
Father, I thank you that he is your child and you have him safe in your hands.
I thank you that he is called by your name, and he hears your voice and obeys your voice.
I choose to love him unconditionally, patiently and kindly and to only see the very best in dear brother, Long Lost.
Father, I speak your provision over him.
Thank you for meeting all his needs.
I thank you that you are his source and have promised to perfect all that concerns him.
Father, I ask that you would speak to me clearly about anyway I can be an encouragement in his life, by word or by deed.
Father if by anyway, I have caused a division in this fellowship I pray you would show me so I can make it right.
Lord, I will be not only a hearer of your word but a do-er also.

And in all things I will give you the glory.

In Jesus name,  Amen”



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