Mending Bridges and Kindling Friendships


Today seems to be turning into visiting day.

So far (and its only nicely 2pm) I have been able to reconnect with 4 people who have been burning a hole in  my mind.

One of which was one of those conversations I had been avoiding, simply because it was going to be hurtful news, and I hate being the bearer of bad news.

I should have dealt with it in September, but I didn’t.  
Now, of course,  the prolonging made it ever worse.  I was very nervous.

I sat in my truck and went thru my key steps before popping thru his door.

Unfortunately, my most natural reaction would be to make sure I came out of this pending conversation looking “justified’. 
I had been avoiding this conversation, and everything inside me had already condemned myself over it.
The need to defend me, grew each day I dodged the inevitable.

My oh my, how I needed to put that down before I sat with this man.

Remember Key #2, Jo. My stuff is taken care of; I am just “fine” and  this is about me, anymore.

I am now in a moment, and that moment is all about letting the love of God flow thru me to this man so something can be restored between us.

Only my BLESS keys could have prepared me to keep my nasty ego, and pride out of the way.

This was no longer about the choice that was made  months ago. It was now about the person at the other end of my choice.

I do believed he felt the love of God when we were done.
I hope he was left encouraged and inspired.

It went well,  I almost feel there is now room for fresh growth in our friendship because of it, and for that I am thankful.

The next was a sweet phone conversation, one from a dear sweet lady, who I knew was slso in alot of pain.  
I only had 2 minutes with her, but those 2 minutes could be enough to change someones day entirely.  She invited me for a visit, and I will go Monday. 

Then there was the coffee lunch. Ah yes, a surprise coffee for another dear sweet hurting lady. You should have seen the tears in her eyes when I showed up! 

I love how this stuff works.

There are so many people out there, just wanting to “connect” with someone, andwe need to be free in heart enough to do it. 
 We need to be in a secure enough place that the minutes we have with these people leave them wiht something impacting.
Our times together need to be all about them, loving on them and encouraging them.

The fourth re-connect was a short text from a darling girl, who I was hoping would want to stay connected with me and pursue a friendship. 
I guess she does.

We are doing lunch next week.

I work with  my keys, in each and every interaction, and with  each person my path crosses.

Reminding myself that God is the author of my faith and that my life is now His.
That each of these people are of immense value and a gift to me from Him.

Each of them I set myself aside and absolutely flourished in the moment.
I have learned to watch their face, and adore them.

I give them the entire moment we are in.
My thoughts and heart are all theirs.

Because it is all about the moment and that person in that moment.
They are the only person that existed in that time, and I felt such a huge love well up inside of me.

How free to be able to love someone unconditionally. How awesome to know that is how Jesus responds with me.

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