Wonderful Wednesday


It had come up in my heart to work thru the May I BLESS You keys again.

Does that surprise you?

If you are familiar with the BLESS Keys, you know that it is something that is always perpetuating, always growing.

It is something I never want to get comfortable in and certainly never stop and feel like I’ve arrived

So I opened my book up and guess what?

I am having trouble getting past Key One .

I choke.
My heart gets faint.
The chapter seems much grander than it was when I first wrote it.

The world can throw so many distractions at you, in such a short time.

Yes, we mustn’t  get weary in doing good.. fight the good fight of faith and all that.
But lethargy can seem to sneak up so quietly.

I have become weary and distracted

So, I ‘m thankful to be getting back into swing of things.

I know walking thru the book again will only bring good results.
I am so thankful for the truth and power I find in its pages.

A New Years resolution has found me back at the gym trying to lose some Christmas “stuffing”.
It didn’t take long to  realized what a lazy butt I had become in a short time.

Lazy butt, lazy abs, lazy biceps.

Our body’s muscles and our spiritual muscle are very similar in that way.

What a toll even a few weeks over the holidays can take on your faith muscle.

Chapter one is like bench pressing a steam train right now.

But heave- ho, here I go.

The juice is beginning to run again.

The adrenaline is flowing and I am feeling an excitement that had slipped and I never realized it was missing.
But now.. oh, how I missed it.

I sat down again tonight,  trying to slug my way thru Key #1,   feeling like I was getting no where, as I mentioned, when I realized something.

Somewhere in the past 4 days, my spiritual ears have turned on and tuned in again.

Wow!!  I have been hearing little things in my spirit constantly all week!


Even when I didn’t think it was!!

The revelation shook me to the bone!! I am THRILLED!!!


I was hearing that sweet still voice of God speaking to me about the things in my life again, and what wonderful things they are!!

Such a powerful thing!  Such a Supernatural book!!!

Even when I  think nothing is moving, YES!! It is!!
Silently, and deeply, I am changing!! My world is changing!!

I guess thats what keys do.

Use them and they open things… whether you are ready or not.  🙂
The work is all done by the key.

Its late now, and I’m going to wrap this up.

But if you are reading along with me, please keep reading.

Oh, and post a comment and say “hey, Jo”
I would love to pray for you by name.

I am so excited about what crazy adventures are to come in the days ahead.

And I can’t wait to share them all with you!

you are in my prayers,


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