Saving Stinky Mike


His name is Mike, and he is a used car dealer.

He was very much a stereo-typical car used car dealer.

He was loud, obnoxious and , honestly, quite foul.

His face was weathered, with a sickly grey tinge.
His nose, bulbous and red with veins. Indicative of years of alcohol abuse.

His office was stank with old cigarettes.

Mike even had an Al Pacino bobble head on his desk.

Mike gave me the creeps.

But the reality was that we wanted the vehicle.

The price was in my budget  and it was just what I was shopping for.

A little red, jeep 4×4.
Perfect for our Manitoba winter, cute, sporty.

I will name her “Gloria”

Even during the test drive, Mike would make scathing derogatory comments about those that stood waiting at the bus stop or walked down the street. Then he would laugh.

Mike made my skin crawl and everything in my logic screamed “don’t deal with Mike!!”

To top off creepy Mike and his mechanic, were not quite honest with us.
Probably not a big surprise.

Gloria needed more fixing then they they led on. She did not pass the required safety so she could be sold legally.

To make a long story short, Mike and the mechanic, and Gloria’s glitches got caught before she ever left the used car lot.
And Mike’s boss agreed to have everything up to code with her, ASAP.

Tomorrow we go back and bring Gloria home.

Tomorrow we will see stinky, creepy Mike, again.

Today, I am asking myself how am I going handle myself and if I will choose to take the higher road.

I make myself remember who I am, and whom I represent.

Yes, it would be  easy to deal with Mike and then leave.
Maybe that will be all there is opportunity for.

But what if there is chance for more?  What if this was all about having the “more” trickle into stinky Mike’s life?

Could it be that God has a plan and a destiny for Mike?

If so, how do I ever find a way to help him hear?

Is it possible that just by our presence and prayers, I can leave something lingering in the spirit, to touch the deepest, part of Mike’s deep crevasses?

If there is a chance, I don’t want to have it slip by because I was focused on me and the realm of Jo.

I begin to work my BLESS keys.

I get my heart ready.

I allow God to show me what He knows about Mike and tomorrow.

Moments are of eternal value. People are of eternal value.

What if, just what if, Mike the stinky used car sales man was destined for greatness.

What if some trickery from the enemy of our souls, took him far from his path.
Far from the plan of God, but never far from His reach.

It could have been me. It has been me in the past.

What if no one ever prayed for me? Where would I be now?

What if no one ever prayed for Mike besides me?  Never a single prayer in his entire life.

What if Mike was there for me?

What if he is here to open my heart into the deeper things of God?

What if he is my test?

Will I pass or will I fail?

And what in the world do I have to do?

It is moments like these I am so thankful for the BLESS keys.

I now know exactly what to do.

So, tomorrow, I will walk them out.  What ever that may look like, right now, I am not sure, but I know what I am to do.  That is enough.

5 simple keys could change this man’s destiny.

Every day, we meet someone.
Everyday we have opportunity for something much huger than what it may seem.

God the most purposeful being there is, and if my life is His then nothing in it is ever without purpose either. No matter how ordinary.
No matter how small.

Not even the decision to buy a little red Jeep from a man named Mike.

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