Family Drama Christmas Style~ Turkey, Stuffing & Stuff


Ah Christmas.
Tis the season for cascades of twinkling lights, the scent of the evergreen and cinnamon, everything chocolate and of course, the family drama..

Our traditional Christmas meal includes turkey, potatoes, stuffing and STUFF!

Amongst the twinkling lights, we have the fireworks.

Don’t get the wrong idea.  We are by no means nasty, violent folks.
My family isn’t  drinkers and gamblers and buffoons, and even with our variety of  personality quirks, there is tremendous love and support.

But the one personality trait that is consistent in all of us is our immense aversion to confrontation.

My mom, my brothers, and yes (believe it or not) even moi, can beautifully dance around a situation for as long as it takes to successfully avoid it.

So as things have it, when we all get together at holiday shing digs, things happen, or most likely don’t happen, which ever way you want to look at it.
Opinions and thoughts that should clash, don’t, and things that should be said, stay silent.

Instead nothing happens. Nothing moves forward and nothing changes.

The truth is this family needs a break.
It needs something to break.
A very big break, the sooner the better.

Well, this year the big break presented itself at Christmas dinner, with “Suggestion X”.

“Suggestion X’ is the  idea that was dropped into someone’s heart by God, and brought to the table as an option for all to consider.

“Suggestion X” is brilliant.
“Suggestion X” really is the change and the answer that this family needs.

“Suggestion X” was shot out of the water.
It was “Crazy” and “never gonna happen”. Period. Never to be discussed again.

So what does all this have to do with “May I BLESS You” and walking the keys out in my life?

I was the one who’s heart “Suggestion X” was dropped into.

I was the one who was shot out of the water.

It has now been a  few days later since the shooting,  its New Years Day and mom is on her way over for dinner.

And I know in the privacy of our quiet dinner, I know I’m going to hear things.
Things that I am going to need to know how to respond properly too.

I am mom’s closest confidant, whether or not I want to be.

Mom did not like the idea of “Suggestion X”.
It made her very uncomfortable. Perhaps,  fearful.

Tonight, I am going to have the opportunity to speak hope and life to her. Sweetly and gently.

This is where I work my BLESS keys.

Because of them, I have become confident enough to be able to put aside any need to be right.
There is no room for ego or agendas.

Because of these precious keys, I have become secure enough to not have to argue a point.

There will be no fireworks tonight.
There will be no power struggle over what is right or who is wrong.
It will never get to that.

Nope, because God has already begun a deep work in this family. It is His work.

Being solid in the BLESS keys, help me keep “me” out of the way so God can continue to do His work successfully.

So I slip away for a few minutes and quietly work the keys in my heart before dinner.
And I share this with you.

I am asking and believing God for a heart of exceptional love tonight.

I am expecting for my mouth to be full of the right things to say.
Words of life and encouragement.

Words of wisdom and the knowledge to know when to speak and when to shut up.

Words that will give mom the sense of security and love that she may need.

That she will feel safe in the love of God and the hope God has promised each and every one of us.

She’s walking through the door.

Thank you for your prayers.

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