Resolutions and Condemnations


New Years resolutions, what do I say.. I am queen. 

The eve of a new decade finds me in the place I promised myself I would not be last year at this time.
I am one size larger and I am more in debt than I was last year.
The exact opposite of where I wanted to be.

I realize again what I have always known; that what I want to achieve I can not achieve on my own wits  or in my own strength.

Most times when I look at myself with my own eyes, I see a life riddled with more failure than short lived victories.

Self Condemnation arrives  quickly to me.
It knows the road very well and I usually leave the gate flung open wide.

I know if I leave it open too long, not only will it move right in, but it will take me out the other side with it, down into a path of depression and despair.

This was a bloody cycle in my life for a long time.

Condemnation and depression.
Discouragement and blackness.

But now I have powerful tools in my hands.

The keys in “May I BLESS You”

They are keys I can use in any situation in my life.
With anything or anyone I am dealing with.

Tonight I turn them loose on myself.

Key 1~ remember Jo, who are you really and what do you have laying dormant at your finger tips.

Key 2~ remember Jo, whose are you, and how immovable that truly makes you.

Key 3, Key 4~ remember Jo, this is how we release all that is life into the darkness that creeps around.

Key 5.~ Beautiful key 5, when it is very much worth every sweat and tear….

So will there be anymore New Years resolutions for me?

Just one this year.
An urgency has risen up in my heart heart  to work thru the May I BLESS You book.

So, just like many of you.
I am side by side with you.
I am working it, as it is written page by page, step, by step.

It is not something that is to be done once than forgotten.
These are priciples that can waken a slumbering spirit to higher and deeper dimensions.

Its time to pull myself together and get focused where I should be.
Holiday time can stretch you, and leave you empty and worn.

Things can distract me so easily.

But tonight, I let myself off my own hook.
Condemnation, you are not allowed anymore

I am feel the freedom and peace even as I write.

BLESS does that.
I am free of condemation.
I remember who God is and what He has promised me.
It is mine.
I engage with His love for me, I take the time, I learn the tools and I work the tools.

And I choose to invite you on my journey, every day as I share with you how I use BLESS in practical real ways, in my very real, perhaps boring, sometimes darken and vaulnerable world.

None of us want to stay the same as we are. Even in the little things.

We all dream of more, and being more.

Its time to go on… New Decade, new places….
Join me?



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