The Secret is in the Choice


Can I share a verse that runs thru my mind several daily?

It’s a verse that has absolutely challenged and changed everything I do.

“Today, I lay before you life and death; choose life”.
Deuteronomy 30:19

Now whether you’re a bible reader or not, you have to admit there are some really big thoughts in there.

And yes… I’ve been thinking….
I think its time to dust off those thoughts of mine, share them with you, and where we’re going with this all.

Please keep reading, it may be the one thing that changes everything.

There is one consistent inconsistency I notice time and time again when I council with folks
The “maker or breaker”, so to speak.

That pivotal factor that decides whether they will succeed in reaching their goals or not.

The secret is in that verse.

It’s learning to control that chooser inside.
Not an easy task some days.

I know mine runs a million miles an hour in every direction, and none of them are the direction I want to go.

Call it the nature of the beast, if you like.
Lets ponder four wee words that make this verse so huge, shall we?


Are you getting this? This is really big stuff. We choose.

And what we choose determines what grows; life or death.
I am absolutely certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is not neutral ground in choosing. No gray. Nothing of null- effect.

Our choices, however little will take us in one of two directions.
You cannot stand still on an escalator.
You are either going up or down.
And we are the ones determining our direction with each choice, no matter how small.

Did you make a choice to put the extra cinnamon bun back on the shelf?
Maybe you chose to sit and read a book to your little boy when you’d rather be doing something else.
Maybe you chose to not let yourself get angry with that guy who cut you off in traffic.

This is all life, folks. This all grows great big wonderful life inside of you.
And step-by-step, little-by-little, life choice by life choice,  we are changed.

We make a gazillion choices every day And you HAVE made some good ones.

Don’t know what they are? Take a quiet moment and ask yourself;  ask God and listen.

Most likely they will be choices that were hard to make. That’s why they’re choices.

Maybe its the New Year, new Decade, sneaking up on me.
I am the first to admit that milestones make me terribly reflective.

I wrestled with my choices, and the responsibility of my choices when I turned 40.
Just to see little difference.

But, this word is solid and this word is true.
Our destinies and our purpose is found in the minute by minute choices.

“May I BLESS you” takes me thru those choices.
It trains me to make the right choices, the life choices.

I am so thankful for the keys in this book.
They really can and do catapult you into a new place.

But you have to choose them. You need to read it, and you need to choose it.

The keys in “May I BLESS You” are real and vital.
But you need to practice them every moment, with every thought and with every choice.

This Christmas season has left me flat and floundering.

I choose to get back into my keys, and to take you with me.

Keep following because I am starting a new series where you and I walk the keys, every day, and you can see how they really work.

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