Excerpts from CHAPTER 2

Excerpts from CHAPTER 2

How do I get this Love?  How do I use this Love?

And the questions of all questions,
could it really be genuine coming through someone like me?

I needed to understand.

I desperately wanted to become that person that would be so filled
with the love of God that it would just ooze.

I wanted to somehow, in some way, make some sort of difference,
no matter how unseen, in lives that crossed my path.

But the ugly reality remained; I fell horribly short.

When I was quiet and honest before God, I would find my heart
being occupied with yours truly; my worries, my plans,
my thoughts, mine and mine alone.

I knew it wasn’t how it should be, I knew from all my years studying and
enjoying the Lord that was not what He wanted for me.

Forget what He wanted for me, it is not what He requires of me.


My reality was, that this ugly stuff was inside me,
ready to pop up without any warning what so ever.

When I looked at what I should have been,
I would have curled up in a ball in discouragement and quit except for one thing.

When you receive this, His command to walk in the same
unconditional love stops being impossible.


You will be equipped to love them as He loves them.
With complete adoration.
With so much passion you could sing and dance.

It is true.
It is happening to me, daily
They will see love in your eyes; hear it in your voice.

When you are face to face.  You will be captivated.
They will be the most important person in the world in that moment.

Your plans, your worries, pains, pre-occupations
will be the furthest thing from your mind.

You will see only them and you will see all of them.
Every moment of everyday.
Every encounter.

Your own busyness will slow down and
you will see these people as they really are.

Broken and precious.

Your thoughts will be no longer consumed with yourself.

You will take all of you up to the foot of that cross,
turn your back and walk away.

You knew you were not your own, but now you know you are safe.

You are free to give love away, fearlessly.

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