Insert Long Exhale of Relief Here…

I DID IT!enter button

I pressed the ENTER button.

“May I BLESS You” is done.
All the crazy complicated programs are in place, and I actually bought a copy off of myself to make sure it all works 🙂

Now,  I just need to stop wringing my hands, and trembling!

What a roller coaster of emotions!

Being transparent and real before all the world is quite a humbling thing.
Even more so, because I know the first sales are mostly being shipped out to personal contacts and I am going to have to look them in the eye someday in the grocery store!

So (once again)  I remind myself that this is God’s book and He will do what He pleases with it.
I was obedient as best as I knew how.

I continue to pray that everything that hinders “BLESS” from getting into the hands of those who need it, will be removed, hearts are ready, eyes and ears are open and people are equipped and changed.

Now, only one more dilemma to solve….

I need a new category name for the blog! 
“In the Beginning”
is completed!

A- HA!  I know!
How about this…..

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