I Guess Its a Compliment

 I guess it all means good things…

For all of you on the edge of you seats, abated breath, anxious anticipation for your copy of “May I BLESS You”
the hold up seems to be this…

I am just too wonderful!

Yes, its true.  The book could have been in your hands a week ago except for two things.

1.  Frankly, it is  just to long to upload/download.
NO!!!  Not because I am long winded!  But I wanted to make certain that you had everything you needed, nothing missing, nothing overlooked.
God is never stingy with me and I also wanted only the best for you and for Him.
You work hard for your money and I wanted you to get very penny’s worth! 

Friends, by ebook standards, this is one HUGE BOOK!

But I refused to chop and edit.  There is nothing in here that is not important. So, I have been busy as can be reformatting and mulling over every option to find an effective way to get it online and for you to get it off line.

Well, as of this morning, I can officially say, it is up, tested, tried and true!

2.  Second problem.  I AM JUST TOO GENEROUS!!!!
Absolutely serious!  Hard as I tried, I  could not find a shopping affiliate
that would respect my 100% money back guarantee!

They all thought that it was absurd! Too risky.  Way over the top.
But it was what was dropped in my heart , and I believe that is exactly what He wants you to have.
Nothing is ever too absurd. Too risky. “Or over the top” when God is behind it.

Well, ok, maybe “over the top”…. But a little climb and leap of faith can be a good thing!

I am pleased to announce that, once again, God came to the rescue.
I found a wonderful little vendor site at www.paydotcom.com who are fabulous to work with and let me control the guarantee COMPLETELY!!

Between them and PayPal we are FINALLY days away from being up and at em..

I thank you for your patience and prayer during my adventure. 

Some how, I expected the writing to be the complicated side of this, little did I know!
  But God definitely knew.
He has kept it under control, on “His” schedule, and on budget. 

Somedays I feel like I’m just along for the ride.  😉

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