Bumps, Bumps, Whats with all the BUMPS?

Today I just discovered one more little bump on my ebook highway.
My antiquated dial-up internet service will not SEND my book!

It is just TOOOOO BIG!

But this too is just another hurdle to bumble over.
I never would have dreamed, of all the little details involved in an endeavor like this.

But thank God, once again he came to my rescue, another  free program called Tonsho A bunch of brilliant people that super send my super size file for me with a handy dandy little online program.

(still took over an hour to send one copy of a book. Love you dial-up)

A great big hug and kiss to all the free ware and share ware guys out there.
You have no idea how often you have come to my rescue!
Once again making away where there appears no way.
One more day’s delay out of the way!


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