finish line


I am I really seeing what  I am looking at?

May I BLESS You” in its entirety.

All 113 pages of it~~~

I had hoped, but  had my doubts,  a little over a month ago,
if this day would come.

Yes, certainly that would help! I’ll give myself a deadline to get my butt in gear.
And a deadline I gave…

I gave myself until October 1 to have all my thoughts and scribbles together.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I guess I knew that if I didn’t do it
quick, it wouldn’t be done.

Thanks to God who keep gently nudging and not so gently nagging me  back to the computer!

I am feeling very victorious!

On top of it all, several long nights, (or no nights) I even resistedrelying on
my dear past friend Mr Coffee.
3 months coffee free and still standing!!

(Now THAT is a victory!)

Next step… the puter jargon and programming stuff I’ve been dreading.

Keep me in your prayers.

“May I BLESS You” will soon be in your hands!

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