It’s Getting Closer!

time passing

Milestones birthdays are usually significant one way or another.
My 40th was like that.
I couldn’t wait! To me it was going to be like stepping over into an new era of my  life.

I felt like a kid, waiting for Christmas!
We began the countdown 4o days before,  and I started my Wild and Glorious Fortish Makeover !

Forty representing  new adventures and new beginnings to me.
In the bible it is the end of times of testing!
Jesus ended his forty day fast. Israel came out from wandering in wilderness.

Whatever wilderness would Jo becoming out of and new land would she sojourn to?

I never dreamed, just 12 short days ago, that I’d be standing HERE!

Uncharted territories INDEED!
Only a few days away from one massive book release!

I must say, this is one  crazy adventure I never expected.

This waking giant stirred to life less than a month ago, and since then it has been relentless inside of me.

I’m on my third all- nighter, and I must admit, at 2 PM, I’m starting to drag.

But I then I look at all that has been put together so far, see a flicker at the end  of the tunnel and I’m WIDE AWAKE again.

I must make a comment about how completely speechless I am with how effortlessly things are falling into place.
I look at things like  the graphics that have been created, and I am flabbergasted.
Beautiful and professional quality, if I do say so myself!

Considering  I have no idea how to use some of these programs.
Certainly this did not come out of me!
It goes without saying that what God puts in your heart is His, not yours.

And when He starts it, He also has all the resources to complete it.

I’m tired and trying to keep myself going with a big glass of hemp mylk, but fading fast.
Very crummy time to decide to go coffee-free. (Almost 3 months now…whoop! whoop!)

Whenever I begin to fret about being completed on time, I remind myself whose idea this book was in the first place.

So far the panic attacks have been outnumbered by sleep-deprived confusion  🙂

Can’t wait to finally put in your hands.

Off to catch some quick zzz’s before the kiddos get home.


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